Supercharging Your Career

The Magic Formula For Supercharging Your Career

The Magic Formula For Supercharging Your Career

Everyone wants their careers to advance, but nobody wants to wait for twenty years, slogging away at their desk before something happens. They want to progress fast. 

Magic Formula

Getting ahead at work can be a challenge. There are dozens of people just like you, all vying for the top jobs. If you want to put your head out in front of the pack, you need to have your wits about you but not take it too seriously at the same time. 

Here’s the magic formula for supercharging your career. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can turn things around. 

Admit Your Weaknesses

People often go into jobs believing that they cannot display any weakness at all. Unfortunately, though, that usually ends in disaster. When we don’t talk about our limitations, people assume that we can do it all. Soon our bosses expect us to deliver projects that are way beyond our pay grade. 

Admitting your weaknesses, ironically, isn’t a sign of weakness. In fact, it is the opposite. Confident, happy workers are always willing to share their limitations with their colleagues and where they need help. So long as you’re valuable in some way, your position is secure. 

Act Like You Have The Title

Some people wait until they’re a senior manager before they begin acting like one—wrong move. So much of office politics has to do with the way that people behave, not the skills or experience that they have. If you start acting like top brass, then people will begin to believe it. You’ll earn their respect, and executives will see you as someone they want on their team – a person just like them. 

Simplify Your Goals

The majority of professionals have a vague sense that they want to progress their careers. But when you actually talk to them, they struggle to give you a direct answer on what their goals are. It seems like the majority of people are going about their days without a clear objective in mind. That’s not good. If you’re part of a corporation, you should clearly define your intent. Either you can stay in your current position until you leave or set your sights on more senior roles. 

Be Confident And Competent

People like confident people. They also like competent people. They LOVE the combination of both. Employees who have charm and the skill to back it up usually do exceptionally well in the job market. They’re able to take on the most demanding projects and deliver them on time and under budget. 

Confidence and competence also feed into each other. When you are confident, you feel more able to take on the challenges you face at work. And when you are competent, it improves the trust you have in your abilities. 

Be Yourself


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Nobody likes a faker – and most people can smell it a mile off. Where possible, be yourself. Be honest and 100 percent yourself. If you can’t do something, then tell somebody. Don’t let them force you into compromising your values. 

Disclaimer: This is a contributed post but I agree with it wholeheartedly.

Love Ellie x

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