Lifestyle Items You Can Replace with Zero-Waste Items Today

Lifestyle Items You Can Replace with Zero-Waste Items Today

Lifestyle Items You Can Replace with Zero-Waste Items Today

Zero-waste lifestyle items are affordable, healthy and good for the environment so what are you wasting for? But how do you start? You start by replacing simple everyday items with zero-waste alternatives.

If you’re struggling to find a bulk-buy shop near you or a service that delivers to your door, here are some tips for starting a zero-waste lifestyle right now!

The lifestyle is all about educating yourself and stopping yourself from buying and using items that are harmful to the environment.

Lifestyle items you can replace with zero-waste items

Here are some items you can stop using right now and replace with ease.


Replace that plastic toothbrush from Wilkos with a £3.99 bamboo toothbrush with replaceable heads. It’s affordable, environmentally better and will have nothing but a positive impact on your teeth.

Fruit and Veg wrapped in plastic

Why does a piece of broccoli have to be wrapped in plastic? It doesn’t. Nor do carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, lemons, limes, corn etc. So stop buying it in plastic packaging, or putting it into those clingfilm-like bags at the supermarket. Take your own bags or simply put them in a basket. They won’t dissolve on the journey to aisle 12.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Companies like LUSH now sell naked products, including shampoo and conditioner bars. These bars can be stored in metal containers, available in the store, or in a dry place in your bathroom. Add a little water and these lather up nicely and leave your hair lustrous. And they’re made totally organic! Bye, Bye Tresemme.

Carrier Bags

Take your own totes, bags for life, muslin bags etc. Why do you need to pay for a plastic carrier bag that you’re only going to throw away when you’ve got a ton of extra bags at home?

Wrapping Paper

Christmas has just gone but now you know for birthdays and next year’s festive period that wrapping paper is not recyclable. STOP BUYING IT. Instead, purchase brown paper packaging or offer presents in muslin bags or unwrapped. The wrapping’s only going to go in the bin anyway.

Check out second-hand shops

If you fancy buying yourself a new outfit or accessory go to your local charity shop or thrift store and buy something second-hand. There is nothing wrong with those clothes, someone just chose to give them away for whatever personal reason. You can find almost brand new clothes for much lower prices, in good condition. Sometimes a right bargain too! Talking designer…

Water bottles

Buy a reusable bottle and top it up at home for free rather than spending money on a plastic bottle elsewhere. You’ll stay hydrated, and save money and the planet. Perfect.

Here are some first steps towards a zero-waste lifestyle. Little by little you can move further in as these swaps become natural go-to’s and you can make these changes today with a simple click of a button or by popping to your local stores. Easy.

Love Ellie x

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