International Women's Day

International Women’s Day | The Women Who Inspire Me

International Women’s Day | The Women Who Inspire Me

Happy International Women’s Day! I’m adding an extra blog post to celebrate this awesome kick-ass day. Today’s post is going to be a list of all the women who have inspired me, in a little to a bolt of lightning kind of way!

In no particular order.

These are my heroines:

  1. My mum: Well duh. She’s strong, kind, hilarious, wonderful, resilient, and generally an all-around awesome mum.
  2. Emily Bronte: She made being stubborn and weird cool.
  3. Anne Bronte: Because she was quietly awesome and the youngest sibling.
  4. My sister: I don’t tell her this – ever – because it will just go to her head, but she’s a pretty good sister
  5. Emma Gannon: she influences my life and has the most incredible self-confidence. I want to be her when I grow up. 
  6. Maya Angelou: A poet, a dancer, a mother, spokesperson, a civil rights activist, a feminist, a writer, an awesome woman.
  7. Lennie Goodings: My publishing heroine. I love everything she stands for at Virago.
  8. Laura Bates: An amazing feminist who writes fantastic books. I cannot wait for her next one.
  9. Emma Watson: A bookish film star who’s always intelligent, beautiful, confident, and opinionated.
  10. Grace Latter: In Twitter/Blogger community she’s an awesome human and very inspirational.
  11. Melanie Murphy: A new discovery of mine over on YouTube and I love her. Honest, funny, and kind.
  12. Hannah Witton: Another YouTube I love, who should be an inspiration to everyone.
  13. My bestie: We went to Paris, got drunk, sang Edith Piaf off a balcony and danced in the rain. Need I say more.
  14. My old Drama teacher: Mrs. McBride you were an amazing teacher/role model.
  15. Ada Lovelace: She invented the flipping computer! In a corset!
  16. Sara Pascoe: For making me laugh whilst educating me about my own body. How?
  17. Sue Perkins: For making intelligence and wit awesome again.
  18. Jane Austen: She wrote romances, and gave up the opportunity for romance to continue doing so.
  19. Mary Shelley: Wrote the best horror story ever – in order to beat a man – and generally for being so hysterically dark.
  20.  Jen Campbell: The most creative, personable, and honest writer I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.
  21. Becky Albertalli: She writes the most diverse and beautiful books.
  22. Megan Beech: I love her feminist poetry with all my heart.
  23. Jess Brittain: For writing possibly one of my favourite TV series ever: Clique.
  24. Michelle Obama: PLEASE run for US President!
  25. Pink!: Because of the speech she made about her daughter.
  26. Adele:  For chugging a cup of tea in the carpool with James Corden.
  27. Samira Wiley: For breaking my heart in Orange Is `The New Black and A Handmaids Tale.
  28. Anna Kendrick: She seems hilariously normal in her autobiography.
  29. Octavia Spencer: I could watch her perform in any movie/TV, she is superb and stands up for what she believes in.
  30. Francesca Riccardi: Because she’s awesome. And sat next to me as I write this.

This is only a small portion of women that inspire me on a regular basis. Don’t get me started on my mum’s best friends – my second family basically – and the kick-ass freelancers, creators, and influencers I see all around me on social media and through my work.

Which women inspire you? Be it in the public eye, your house, or your social media? Let me know in the comments below, or via Twitter. I’d love to know. Happy International Women’s Day.

Love Ellie x

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