I Adopted a Cat

I Adopted a Cat

I Adopted a Cat

This post will not come as a surprise to anyone who knows me, even if that hadn’t already seen and heard about my cat a thousand times before. But it’s official, I adopted a cat.

Her name is Puck.

Introducing Puck Pilcher

This is not the first time that Puck has appeared on my website, she first made an appearance at three weeks old when I fostered her, her siblings and her mother. Her mother, Bella, is now my family cat, her sister Hero has been adopted by a family friend, and her brothers remain at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium. But in the Autumn of 2023, I officially adopted Puck from Lady Dinah’s and brought her home full-time.

Adopted a cat

This is the third time that Puck has lived with me. First, when she was just three weeks old, I affectionately nicknamed her ‘Houdini’. She was always escaping the enclosure and finding new things to climb.

Shakespeare Kittens

The second time was in April this year when I fostered her and her three siblings at nearly two years old for one week. Where once again, she climbed everything, breaking a mirror and a shelf in the process. She even managed to escape in the taxi by eating through the mesh of her cat carrier!


And finally, this Autumn I adopted her full-time – in a plastic cat carrier this time. She is extremely lovable, very cuddly and a lot of fun. And whilst I adore all the Shakespeare kittens – they’re all named after a character – it was Puck that I was particularly attached to.

Adopted a cat

Puck is also the spitting image of her mum, Bella, who my parents adopted in 2021. If I ever bring her to my parents for a visit we’re going to struggle to tell them apart!


Puck has attitude – she loves stealing my food, she meows loudly when in the bathroom for no apparent reason (except it echoes?) and she loves human company.

As my dad says, I’ve officially become a crazy cat lady. And I’m so pleased! She fits me and my life like a glove, and I’ve never known a cuddlier kitten in all my life. If I’m sat, lying down or crouching she is on me in some capacity. It’s the cutest – although sometimes irritating (especially at 2 am with a cramp!) – thing. And there’s nothing better than coming home to a cat meowing at you in greeting.

Puck Pilcher is here to stay and she’s stepped paw prints all over my heart.

Love Ellie x

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I Adopted a Cat

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