How to Stay Organised This Christmas

How to Stay Organised this Christmas

How to Stay Organised this Christmas

Christmas is one of the most manic times of the year. You have so many parties to attend, Christmas presents to buy, cards to send, and people to see. Organisation is key! So get organised this Christmas.

How to stay organised this Christmas

Have a list of present ideas for people

If you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet, don’t despair – but get a move on! – create a list. The best way to make sure you get what you need, don’t go over budget and aren’t flitting from shop to shop in the hope of seeing something great, make a list beforehand. I have a list on the notes section of my phone with the name of each person I buy a present for and a gift or two ideas next to them. This is great for when I’m shopping or out and about as I won’t forget anyone! And I can stick to a strict budget, as Christmas is expensive!

Write a list of Christmas Cards before sending

I’m not sending Christmas cards this year, but when I did I used to write a huge list of all of the people I would be sending cards to and then I would go and buy however many I needed. I tended to get about five or six packets from The Card Factory and then a few special cards for mum, dad, sister, brother etc.

When you’ve got the right number you need – plus a few extras, you’ll always forget someone – sit down and write them. Tick off the people whose cards you have written and then tick them off again when you’ve sent them or seen them in person. This will mean you don’t miss anyone, you don’t waste time and you don’t overspend on unsent Christmas cards.

Make a shopping list well in advance

When buying your Christmas food make sure you plan in advance and do some searching online for the best deals. If you can get dry goods – like the stuffing mix and sauces – in advance for cheap that’s great for keeping the money down and for being prepared.

Order your main goods in advance, like the turkey and any specials side you want. And plan ahead if you like to spend on ‘quality’ goods from Waitrose or a specialist butcher – as my parents do.

Have one calendar and stick to it

This is crucial! Use one calendar and stick to it. Do not try and carry loads of different calendars as you’ll ultimately miss something and forget a date or two. I use the calendar on my phone and that it is. If it’s not on my phone then it’s not happening.

Write down every date you have something on and preferably a time and place as well. That way you know exactly how much time you have if you need to do multiple things in one day. Try and plan in advance if you’re seeing people. December is incredibly busy for most people so don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by trying to organise dates that keep everyone happy.

Look ahead

Using your calendar look ahead to what you’ve got coming up and get things prepared in advance. Know that you have dinner with friends in a week, make a booking so that you know you’ll have a place and time to meet. Decide what day you’re putting up your decorations, and what day you’re taking them down to really mark out your time without getting annoyed with all the pesky tinsel. Decide what day you’re going to sit, chill and do nothing but eat leftovers and watch all the Christmas TV you missed. This is crucial for self-care.

There are plenty of ways to stay organised and happy this Christmas, just make sure whatever you decide works for you and then stick to it.

Merry Christmas!

Love Ellie x

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How to Stay Organised This Christmas 2019

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