How to Make Your House a Home AD Ornatus
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How to Make Your House a Home | AD: Ornatus

How to Make Your House a Home | AD: Ornatus

Do you need a bit of inspiration to achieve a homely feel in your house? In this blog post, Ornatus Interiors* – Ornatus is not currently trading – brings you useful tips that will help you transform your house into a characterful and unique home.

How to make your house a home

Creating the homely feel

The expression “a home is what you make it” really is true when it comes to putting your stamp on a property. The interior of your house is what makes it a home.

From the colours and patterns used in decorating to the accessories used to add finishing touches, the way you design the interior of your space is what makes your home unlike any other.

Making your property homely isn’t an easy task—it takes careful thought, lots of experimentation and precious time.

If you’re looking for easy wins to transform your house into a home, keep reading!

1.   Update the lighting

Whether you’ve just moved into a house and currently have bare light bulbs hanging from your ceiling or are redecorating a property you’ve lived in for years, one of the quickest ways to add a homely feel is with new lighting.

From the fixture to the bulb colour, the light in a room can completely change its appearance and ambience.

2.   Get painting

Nothing puts a stamp on your home quite like painting the walls. Whether you opt for understated neutral tones throughout or create statement feature walls that bring bright colours into each room, adding your choice of colours through paint will immediately increase the sense of homeliness.

3.   Add colour

Paint isn’t the only way to bring colour into a home. Adding accessories and furniture is an easy and adaptable way to experiment with colours and create a truly bespoke space.

You can add colour to your home by adding:

  • Art/pictures
  • Rugs
  • Vases/plant pots
  • Furniture
  • Cushions/throws

These more temporary measures are particularly effective ways to create a homely feel in less-permanent properties, such as rental accommodations. However, for homeowners, it’s also popular due to the scope of possibilities to make changes and experiment with colour combinations.


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4.   Include the personal touches

Above all else, what makes any house a home is the bespoke, personal additions that are meaningful to you.

From antique furniture that has been handed down through generations to memorable gifts, purchases from special holidays and photographs. These are the special additions that should all feature in a home.

Although not all these personal items will be in tune with the decor in the rest of your home, they hold precious meaning that outweighs the need for them to ‘match’ with everything else. The fact that these items stand out and provide an additional point of interest actually helps breathe life into your home.

If you’re in the process of transforming your house into a home, the main thing to remember is that creating a home takes time. But if you’re looking for the inspiration to kick-start the process, following these tips will point you in the right direction and get you on your way to creating a space you can really call your home.

Bio: This article was contributed by Ornatus Interiors, an online interior supplier specialising in high-quality, competitively priced home furnishings and decor. If you’re looking to add items that will help turn your house into a home, take a look at what Ornatus can offer.

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How to Make Your House a Home AD Ornatus

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