How to Keep Yourself Occupied Whilst Social Distancing
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How to Keep Yourself Occupied Whilst Social Distancing

How to Keep Yourself Occupied Whilst Social Distancing

We’re all still half in lockdown and half out. While we can out to shop and see friends, we’re all still practicing social distancing. Or at least, should be.

However, if you’re not feeling confident about going out to the level that you are used to, just yet, here are some fun things to do to keep yourself occupied whilst social distancing.

How to keep yourself occupied whilst social distancing


After spending many months at home during the lockdown, it’s likely that you need a change of scenery. A simple and free way to do this is to declutter your home. I know I bought a bit more than normal during the lockdown, so decluttering is a must for me.


One of my favourite topics on my blog is interior design and DIY. I love good IKEA hacks and basic decorating. I’ve thrown myself into interior design after I moved back to London post-lockdown and it is so much fun! Plus, it has to be spread out over time so this is a good long-time occupation.

Filing Systems

It may sound boring, but when was the last time you did some filing? From budgets to loose photographs, paperwork you need to keep, and bank details. Sort out your files. It will clear your mind and your anxieties.


Write a blog! I’m always recommending that people start a blog. It’s done wonders for my weekend activities and gives me something to do. It’s a hobby that becomes a habit, and you never know the extra plus’ that comes with time.


One of my family recipes is a pickling recipe for pickling shallots. It used to be done by my Grandad, who learned it from his father-in-law (my great-grandfather). Now I’m doing it. It’s simple and affordable and I can’t wait to taste the results… in 4-6 weeks! You don’t just have to pickle onions though, you could pickle eggs (yuck!) or make chutney out of tomatoes, onions… whatever you like really.


Who hasn’t baked during the lockdown? Well, keep it up! Baking has proven benefits for your mental health. And it tastes pretty good – for the most part.


You don’t need to be Botticelli to create art. From paint-by-numbers, adult colouring books, collages, and vision boards/vision books to decorating pottery.  There are plenty of artistic hobbies out there to get started on.


Podcasts are great for educating yourself and for filling the room with some much-needed white noise if you live at home alone like me. I love a good feminist podcast and the occasional comedy podcast. My friends adore true crime ones – a podcast genre I still need to try. You can write reviews for them, share them and interact with the hosts online as well.


I became obsessed with The Sims 4 during the lockdown, and I still find it enjoyable to play on random occasions when I’ve got some time alone. It’s nice to be able to ‘socialise’ and ‘go out’ even if it is via a simulation game, the afterlife in lockdown. Plus, it’s addictive! Other games or activities you can try to include good old-fashioned Wii games – Mario Kart is my fave! – and if you have the cash to splash you could even buy your own Golf Stimulator where you can play golf from the pleasure of your own home. For more info click here.


And who needs to be outside to take photographs? Have you ever tried bookstagram? Or Catstagram – if you have a cat or any other pet for that matter? You could try to perfect your selfie, or share your interior designs. I use Instagram stories to vlog my day-to-day in stupid little videos for friends. Go for it!


I’m not a plant mother, but life in lockdown has encouraged me to try to get some more greenery in my house as I feel like that was missing when I couldn’t leave. There are plenty of plant services that deliver now – I particularly like Patch Plants who send your details about your plant and how to take care of it. If you’re not sure if plants are your thing though, why not try Freddie’s Flowers or Bloom & Wild for bouquets instead?

What are your suggestions for ways to keep yourself occupied whilst social distancing? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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How to Keep Yourself Occupied Whilst Social Distancing

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