How I Use Instagram to Promote my Brand

How I Use Instagram to Promote my Brand

If you recoiled – yet clicked on this link anyway – when you saw the term ‘promote my brand’ don’t worry. It made me shiver just writing it. But, as much as we may hate it we all have personal brands and we have to promote them! It so happens I use Instagram to promote my brand the most.

Until about a year ago I really wasn’t a fan of Instagram, and to be honest, even when I became a ‘fan’ I didn’t use it correctly.

Now I take photos that are vaguely good – and don’t spend all weekend editing them – and then share them. I’m not about to become an Instagram influencer. At last count, I had 289 followers but I’m not really doing it for followers right now.

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Currently, I’m using my Instagram to promote my brand. I’ve recently started a freelance writing side hustle and I wrote about topics including zero-waste lifestyles, feminism, London, and careers. Because of that, I’ve tailored my Instagram feed to these topics.

Gone are the photos of my make-up and branded skincare items – most of which I rarely used anyway – and as much as I love my old pretty photos they really had very little to do with my life and more to do with what I saw on other people’s Instagram feeds.

Now my feed is entirely my own and I like it.

So how do I use my Instagram? Well, very simply, I take photos on my iPhone and then edit them. By editing, I mean turning up the brightness, adjusting the crop, and occasionally using an Instagram filter. For the most part, I try and take visually interesting photos as-is. I’m by no means a photographer or a photography editor so what I post I’m happy with the art galleries of the world needn’t be.

My photos have recently changed, as I said above, from beauty and ‘pretty’ things to actual things I do.

Instagram EllesBellesNotebook zero waste

I’ve got images of zero-waste bulk buy stores I’ve visited, countless images of interesting vintage stalls at flea markets I regularly go to, grocery haul flat lays, items that caught-my eye – like ‘Adult & Erotica’ signs and a few item images where brands have been kind enough to send me some items to try out.

You will very rarely see my face on my Instagram feed as I’m not a massive fan of having my photo taken and as much as it may seem silly to see, my face isn’t really part of my brand. Think Starbucks – when was the last time you saw the face of the owner on any of Starbucks’ promotional items… you didn’t.

I use Mosaico to plan my feed!

It reminds me to post, it also allows me to write my caption and hashtags in advance so that I don’t spend any valuable work time sitting on my phone.

And then when it’s posted, it’s posted. I’ll check the insights a few days later and see if anything performed particularly well but for the most part, I’m using Instagram to promote my brand because it is fun.

Instagram EllesBellesNotebook February 2019

I’m not about to break my back in trying to gain followers or likes. If people like my photos they’ll like my photos. Simple as that.

Instagram is a very popular social media site, particularly with 13-25-year-olds, and since I’m 23 it would be pretty silly not to involve myself in that.

My feed is clean, colourful, and tailored to me and that is how I intend it to remain. It’s not personal, it’s professional and hopefully, it’s pretty as well.

Love Ellie x

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How I Use Instagram to Promote my Brand

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