Homeware Wishlist 2022

Homeware Wishlist 2022

Homeware Wishlist 2022

As we’re approaching the Summer I’m thinking about how to give the flat a bit of a refresh, so it’s time for a Homeware Wishlist.

I haven’t done much to it since last Autumn and there are a few homeware items I’d love to replace or get for the first time.

Here are some of the items on my Homeware Wishlist of 2022.

Sunshine Oven Glove – £5.00

I need to get some new oven gloves. Mine have started to disintegrate. I’ve actually burnt myself whilst wearing the gloves… not what’s supposed to happen!

Glow Rainbow and Cloud Neon Light – £22

I saw this Neon light and knew exactly where I would put it in my flat. It’s a bit bonkers, but so am I, so I’d think it would work well in my flat.

Enamel Pie Dish – £6.00

I love to make fish pies, but since I live alone it’s fairly pointless using my current pyrex dish as I am always left with tons of leftovers. Not the end of the world – I love a leftover lunch – but when you have to have fish pie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in order to use it all up, it’s a bit wasteful. This enamel dish is small enough that I could make a portion rather than a four-course meal.

Country Romance Dinner Set 12 Pack – £25

Next up are is a new dinner set. When I first moved into my own flat a friend of mine gave me a set of plates to have. Unfortunately, those plates are now incredibly battered, chipped and I’ve broken one or two. Time to replace it I think.

Homeware Wishlist 2022

Pink Embroidered Birds Cushion – £12

I saw this cushion and I had to add it to my wishlist. Blue Tits are my favourite birds and I love the design on this cushion. Not sure where it would go, but I liked it so who cares!

Supersoft Bath Sheet – £10.50

I have a few towels that I’ve had since university, but they’re getting very threadbare. They’ll be fine for drying my hair for a few good years, but time to invest a new fluffy bath towel.

Roasting Starter Set – £5.50

I recently destroyed the two roasting tins I owned by burning some sauce… Life lesson: honey mustard chicken is delicious, but it’s hard to get off a roasting pan after you’ve cooked/burnt it.

Set of 3 Wooden Herb Planters – £7

I keep buying fresh herbs for my kitchen but I’ve found that I cannot keep them alive when they’re kept in the pots they come in. I thought this little planter set might help.

Countryside Romance Tea Towels – £4

Tea towels and teaspoons are two things that seem to mysteriously disappear in my kitchen…

White Heart Ceramic Tumbler – £4

Just a simple storage item, but I need a new tumbler in the bathroom for things like toothpaste, shavers, and make-up brushes.

Do your refresh your home in Summer? And if so, what is on your homeware wishlist in 2022? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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