Home Decor Wishlist Autumn 2021

Home Decor Wishlist | Autumn 2021

Home Decor Wishlist | Autumn 2021

It’s that time of year where I look around my flat and think ‘I need to change something’. I do it without fail every Autumn, before Christmas decorating, and this year it’s hit me like a ton of bricks. As usual, that means I needed to create a home decor wishlist.

I hit up all of my favorite Home Decor stores online, typically Wilko’s, TK Maxx, Matalan, and Amazon – classy, I know – and now to create a room-by-room wishlist for Autumn 2021.

Living Room

Up first is the living room. I’ve already tried moving the furniture around, but the set-up isn’t the problem. It’s the decor. All remnants of a color scheme went out the window with my social life during the pandemic. So back to square one I go.

Country Rose Hoop – Wilko

I love the shabby chic, country vibes of this hoop. It’s such a simple but sweet decorating that could hang above my vinyl station or on the living room door.

Soft Teal Pom-Pom Cushion – Wilko

My throw cushions are from University… enough said. They’re all lumpy, misshapen, and have stains I can’t even guess the origins of. These cushions are a lovely shade of teal which would match my grey sofa. Plus, who doesn’t love a pom-pom?

Entrance Way

I have a small entryway but I want to make it cosier and welcoming.

Hello There Doormat – Matalan

I have an Alohomora Doormat but unfortunately, Bella, the mother of the kittens I was fostering was unwell and now the doormat is an Alohomo Doormat… Time to replace it methinks.

Home Decor Wishlist Autumn 2021


Green Teddy Fleece Duvet – Matalan

As Christmas comes around the corner I would love to get a super cosy teddy fleece duvet. My flat is freezing at night, as I don’t have the heating on overnight. And what could be cosier than a teddy fleece duvet?

Silver Stacking Jewellery Case – Matalan

I don’t have much jewellery but what I do have I like to keep neat and tidy. Currently, it’s all sat on my bedroom drawers, and it could do with a safe place to store.


I need to give my bathroom a good go-over with some paint, new grouting, and a mop. But I’d also like to get rid of the Dolphin motifs that still adorn the room from the previous renter.

First Aid Box – Matalan

Currently, all of my medicines are stored in random boxes from previous beauty box subscriptions. I like things to be organised and clearly labeled, so I loved this First Aid Box when I spotted it.

Get Naked Sign – Matalan

As a bit of extra decor, I thought a sign like this would be fab.

Tassled Bath Mat – TK Maxx

Along with the Alohomora Doormat, Bella also had an accident on the bathroom mat. That is no longer in existence – it was bad. So time for a replacement. I have a cheap bath mat at the moment but I’d love to jazz it up a bit.

What’s on your current home decor wishlist? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Home Decor Wishlist Autumn 2021

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