Highlights of 2021
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Highlights of 2021

Highlights of 2021

I was seriously considering not doing a Highlights of 2021, as in all honestly 2021 has been a bit shit. But it’s good to look on the positive side and not linger on the bad.

However, the first six months were truly a write-off. Not only did we have the winter lockdown, but I also had some family health issues and then a massive water leak to contend with. But, thankfully, the latter half of 2021 did improve.

As such, I decided to highlight those good things. After all, if you don’t laugh you cry.

Here are my Highlights of 2021

  • Returned to radio with an interview on BBC Radio London in October about zero-waste lifestyles.
  • I won a Book Marketing Society Award for Best Adult Fiction marketing campaign for The Serial Killer’s Wife by Alice Hunter.
  • My landlord added a garden to my flat – always nice.
  • Saw the original cast performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella in September.
  • Cat-sat for my friends, Phoebe – Sooty and Smudge were adorable! – and Freyja – Tinkerbell and Dorian are welcome whenever they want!
  • Went to Dishoom for the first time – people in London will know this is big deal!
  • Went to my friend Sanjana’s beautiful wedding in Chipping Norton
  • Bella the mummy cat I fostered back in September, joined the family on a permanent basis in December.


  • Completed an Escape Room and went pottery painting with the Books Before Boys group
  • I ran 10 #MarketYourMarketing workshops in 2021.

There we have it. My fairly limited Highlights of 2021. Fingers crossed that 2022 improves, but if it doesn’t for whatever reason then, as ever, my friends, family, and I will join forces and make the best of the situation. Happy New Year all!

Love Ellie x

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Highlights of 2021

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