Highlights of 2020
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Highlights of 2020

Highlights of 2020

2020 has been a bit shit. And that’s putting it politely. However, there were still some highlights of 2020 that I want to remember and share via my blog.

I think surviving a Global Pandemic should be on here, but this is purely a non-pandemic highlights.

Here are my top highlights of 2020:

Highlights 2020

  • Being invited to do two talks at the London Book Fair; even if the event did not go ahead
  • Returning to BBC Radio 5 Live to discuss Zero Waste Living
  • Doing a segment with Melanie Price at the Marketing & Publicity Conference 2020
  • Writing TWO novels in 2020
  • Starting my #MarketYourMarketing workshops with over 700 attendees so far!
  • Reading 114 books in one year!
  • Starting a spontaneous book club with my friends: Books Before Boys forever!
  • Being a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding
  • Doing an interview with Mail+ online 
  • My sister’s hen do in Devon, involved GoKarting, picnic and lots of alcohol – standard Hen Do right?
  • Won a Book Marketing Society award for Best Adult fiction campaign for The Heatwave by Katerina Diamond
  • Getting professional photos taken for my author/journalist photos
  • And something BIG I can’t talk about yet… TO BE REVEALED!

On that teasing note, I’m leaving 2020 behind and entering 2021. Check out tomorrow’s post for my New Year’s Resolutions post.

And let me know what have been your highlights for 2020 in the comments below. Although it’s been a crappy year, it’s worth celebrating the good bits.

And if I haven’t said it yet… have a Happy New Year! See you in 2021 lovelies!

Love Ellie x

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Highlights of 2020

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