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Harry Potter: Events, Plays and Places

Harry Potter: Events, Plays and Places

If you’re a Harry Potter mad fan, such as myself, this is the post for you. It is a celebration of Harry Potter in honour of his 39th birthday. Yes, I know the main character’s birthday and age. Sue me.

If you’re into Harry Potter and need a new hit of the fandom here are some ideas of what you can do, see and visit.

Harry Potter: Events, Plays and Places


I went and saw Puffs, an off-broadway production about Hufflepuffs during the time of Harry Potter’s Schoo life, in New York City. It is low-market fan fiction but it’s fun and has a lot of literary references that any mad fan will appreciate. You don’t have to travel all the way to New York though – you can watch it for £3 on Amazon Prime! And for that price why not!


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

If you’re in New York, London or Melbourne, or near about, you can also go and see the sequel to the book series in the case of the Cursed Child. Do not read the play! Go and see it. Reading it is a terrible experience, but seeing it is a great one – it’s magic like that.

Harry Potter Studios 

For the full experience of the Harry Potter movies, you have to go to the Warner Bros studios in Leavesden, Hertfordshire. I have been five times and it is my happy place. I love it! I’ve yet to go and see the Gringotts Bank, but I will! When I’m no longer doing a no-spend challenge that is.

Harry Potter Pendulum

Harry Potter World

I am jealous of all those people that have been to Harry Potter World in Orlando, Disneyland. But I hear it is amazing and I will one day go and visit.

Harry Potter World


For more of a book experience, why not head to Edinburgh for a chance to immerse yourself in the landscape where the books were predominantly written? From having breakfast at the Elephant Cafe, walking down Candlemaker row (Diagon Alley’s inspiration) or visiting the Greyfriars Kirk where J.K. Rowling found many of her character’s names – such as Potter and Riddle.

King’s Cross Station

You can also visit the world-famous King’s Cross Station. Push a trolley through a wall and take a photo, before visiting the on-site store for some memorabilia and a chance to get stuck against the Hufflepuff collection in a very store. It’s great!

Platform 9 3/4

The House of MinaLima

For a free day out why not head to The House of MinaLima, just behind the Palace Theatre in London where Cursed Child is for a look at some of the artistry that went into the behind-the-scenes design of the movies? A lot of Instagram moments to be had!

The House of MinaLima

Or you could simply sit down and binge-watch the movies or read the books (again!). Why not.

Love Ellie x

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Harry Potter Events Plays and Places

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  1. I was at the HP and the Cursed Child play in London and visited the Studios as well then. It was amazing experience!!!

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