Why I hated Gilmore Girls

Why I Hated Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Why I Hated Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

I started thinking at beginning of episode 2 of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – Spring – that it was just slow. It would pick up. But no.
Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life peaked at the scene between Rory and Paris in the bathroom at Chilton. From that moment onwards I really didn’t like what happened in the show.
It’s a huge shame! I was really looking forward to the revival, as you can tell by my previous post on my favourite Gilmore Girl moments! But I feel entirely disappointed and downhearted, and I don’t normally share these opinions because I feel like I will hurt other people if I don’t like something they do. But from my live Twitter chats whilst watching the show I don’t think I’m alone!
Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t entirely awful! Although the inclusion of the World’s Worst Musical really made me want to switch off and throw my iPad across the room. It was a disaster zone! It wasn’t endearing or funny! 
That whole scene was beyond weird and unnecessary and I think partly to do with Amy Sherman-Palladino’s holding of a grudge that her show Bun-Heads was cancelled! I felt sick!
They didn’t even show what happened afterwards but instead had a random moment of epiphany for Lorelai when Sutton Foster (again, why!) sang a sad song. I can’t even remember the lyrics too.
The whole episode – Summer – was crap! If it had been an episode from a season I would have written it off as simply bad but it was the second to last episode ever!


Lorelai and Luke were sweet. The moment he has a go at her, and then she proposed (again) was cute. Although did anyone else feel like Lorelai ruled the roost and Luke was a total pushover? Just me? I remember him being more forthright, and caring less about food!
It was great to revisit Stars Hollow, seeing some of the characters again was fab: Paris was incredible! Hats off to Liza Weil – she was the best thing about the whole revival. She stuck to the original character but had grown into a new one at the same time. She made me laugh, cry, and want to hug and slap her, which is all part of Paris’s character. The moment she slammed the door shut with her high-heeled foot was incredible. I love her.
Gilmore Girls
But Rory was completely different and not in a good way either. She was Rory from Lorelai and Rory’s big bust-up in season 5 or 6. Not the lovable Rory we all remember with her head in a book – she didn’t even read during the whole revival. How is that possible?
I commend the writers for showing that at the age of 32, she didn’t know what to do with her life – but I don’t commend Amy and Daniel Palladino for displacing the whole of season 7 just because they weren’t involved in it.

Rory & her Men

Rory cheating, continuously, with Logan was a bad choice. Rory had previously had an affair with Dean whilst he was married and broke up the consequence of marriage. She’s now a serial adulteress! And to me, this is neither realistic nor necessary. And what the hell was the point of Paul – it would have been better if she had just been single! That storyline was ridiculous.
This brings me to my next point: Logan. And that whole 1980s wannabe-music-video section of the revival with the Life and Death Brigade.
I’ve never hated Logan, but why the hell was he in the show the most. I get it with Dean, only appearing for one brief 3-minute scene – Jared Padalecki is still a lead actor in Supernatural! – and even Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) to some extent, because he’s in ‘This is Us’. But why have Logan appear for so long and clearly adore Rory and yet not dump his girlfriend, who he clearly is not in love with, yet not propose to Rory again after he previously proposed and she turned him down. Why was he there so long?
And then the 1980s scene – it didn’t fit Gilmore Girls. That’s the issue I have with most of these bigger moments in the revival: it didn’t feel like Gilmore Girls!
When did a music video scene, with posing and smoke and dressing up ever happen, in a consistent 3-minute mashup, in the series Gilmore Girls? And why was it necessary beyond that of bringing the Club back together?
I liked the boys, and they were very funny, but I can’t forgive them for the scene simply for being humorous.

And then there’s the endingI hate them.Gilmore Girls

The 4 little words, which were actually 2, were ridiculous. Unless they’re making another series. Which they’re not.
I hate cliffhanger endings, particularly within revivals. It’s unfair to the audience that has waited or is stuck with a series to then get a question that will never be answered.
Unless of course, the answer is what everyone assumes, i.e. Rory’s life becoming the spitting image of her mother’s! Logan being Christopher, Jess being Luke, and Dean being every man her mother ever slept with in between!
I’m angry at them for that and the exaggeration of the whole series and the lack of appreciation for the little things, beyond that of a 5-minute sequence. We got one scene with Sookie, a brief moment with Jackson really hurried scenes between Lane, the band, and Rory, and even smaller scenes between Jess and everyone else!
I was Team Jess – but there was nothing. Not an inkling. He and Rory hadn’t seen each other in 4 years. Then there was a brief moment between him and a window. That was it! FFS! The moments between him and Luke were sweet. But not a kiss? Nothing? A re-enactment of the moment he returned to Stars Hollow during Sookie and Jackson’s wedding?! NOTHING!
Overall I didn’t like the revival. And just like how Amy Sherman-Palladino probably doesn’t watch the 7th series, I won’t be watching this A Year in the Life 

Honouring Edward Hermann

However, I will leave on an appreciative note of one thing: Edward Hermann sure was honoured well! His character remained a part of the plot of the whole revival, he wasn’t just forgotten. He was always there.
And whilst I think the storyline with Emily was odd, and I focused on the fact that she kept a maid for longer than a week more than anything, the story of Richard Gilmore was really well done.
It’s just a shame about the rest really.
But that is why I didn’t like Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. What were your thoughts? Tell me in the comments below or send me a tweet via Twitter.
Love Ellie x

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  1. I agree with most of your criticisms but I think I liked some of them and I liked it despite some of them. I will say I think the whole relationship with Logan was only problematic because of the 7th season, otherwise I don't think it was entirely out of place for who Rory was becoming and the Rory that was sort of directionless for the first time in her life. I was more mad when the life and death brigade night ended with a good bye rather than them getting together, it just did not make sense that Logan would marry someone that I would say he hated (given his treatment of her) while he seemed in love with Rory. I was very angry at the ending, in fact sent a very angry snap to a friend ranting about how that is not an ending. Overall, there are things that I liked, and things that I didn't, but I was happy with most of it.

  2. Absolutely hated it. Rory’s character had become a complete disaster. That was NOT Rory – none of it! Agree that the musical was so bizarre and stupid and took up way too much time, and the Life and Death Brigade scenes were also ridiculous. I can’t even imagine what was going on in ASP’s mind when she wrote this! Awful ending. I thought the point of the “revival” was to give GG fans some closure — WTH? Just made me angry. Waste of time.

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