Garden Decor Haul

Garden Decor Haul

Garden Decor Haul

I’ve been in the garden a lot recently. Not something I often say, but with my new flatio now in place I’ve been getting it ready for summer. But before I decorate I need to do a Garden Decor Haul.

Garden Decor Haul

Here’s what I’ve bought to decorate my garden and get it summer-ready.

Tarno Table+2 Chairs – IKEA

First thing first, I needed a bistro set. I bought the cheapest set from IKEA – remember I only rent my flat and not many flats in London have a garden! So affordability over quality in this case. It does the job though and it’s a nice wooden/white set that works with my interior design scheme as well.

Kuddarna x2 Cushion – IKEA

Of course, with a bistro set, I needed to get some outdoor cushions. Outdoor chairs aren’t known for being comfortable, so these were necessary for comfort.

Bittergurka Plant pot – IKEA

Next up were some plant pots! I bought this lovely white plant pot for my outdoor herbs. A few herbs I’ll keep an indoors in the kitchen, but I’ll be keeping my mint outside and I think this will suit it nicely.

Garden Decor Haul

Socker x2 Plant Pot – IKEA

I also got two large plant pots for my Hebe and Lavendula plants so that they have room to expand.

Concrete Planters x3 – Matalan

And finally, for the plant pots, I bought three super affordable (£6 each) plant pots from Matalan for my Fuschia and sweet pea plants. I love the striped pattern on these as well, they look gorgeous indoors and outdoors.

Vattenkrasse Watering Can – IKEA

Of course, when it comes to gardening I need to make sure I keep my plants hydrated. This little watering can look really cute and aesthetically pleasing on my bistro set, and it does the job. Perfect.

All of the plants were bought either from Tesco – the herbs – or from my local garden centre. I also got some compost, as that’s another essential when re-potting plants.

I can’t wait to get them all spaced around my little garden and enjoy them as they grow throughout the summer. And that’s my garden decor haul. What else should I get? A gnome? A birdbox? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Garden Decor Haul

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