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On the side of my blog, my full-time job as a Head of Fiction Marketing and an author, I am also working as a freelance writer.

You can read some of my published articles below.

I write feature posts on:

  • Social Media
  • Zero Waste Lifestyles
  • Feminism
  • Careers
  • Mental Health
  • London
  • Lifestyle
  • Culture

If you would be interested in talking to me about writing a piece or for an interview, please get in touch: eleanor.pilcher(@)gmail(dot)com

Women’s Prize for Fiction

Establishing your author brand on social media – June 2023

BBC Radio 5 live

My zero-waste journey 4 months in – April 2019

How my zero waste journey went  – February 24th 2020 – 10:40am

BBC Radio Wales

19th November – 8:45am – Discussing Sir David Attenborough comments on plastic waste

BBC Radio London

25th October 2021 – Jeanette Kwache – 4:15pm – Discussing zero-waste lifestyles 


Behind-the-Headlines: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… but not as we know it {Interview}

The Daily Telegraph

I failed once… so can I really have a zero-waste Christmas?

Glamour Magazine

I Went Zero Waste and Here’s What I Learned

I followed my horoscope for one week – here’s what happened


4 Journaling Techniques to Support your Mental Health

Huffington Post

I Wanted to go Waste Free in 2019. Here’s What Happened When I Tried

Huffington Post UK

We Have Eczema. This is How We Manage It {Interview}

What Are You Wasting For? This is the year ‘Zero Waste’ becomes a movement

Why You Should Start 2019 with Kindness

When Losing a Loved One To Dementia Is Harder at Christmas

Is Social Media Becoming a Harmful Addiction?

How Having Therapy Helped Me Recognise Other People’s Struggles

Are Open Plan Offices Damaging For Our Mental Health?

ASMR: How Listening To Rustling Paper Helps Me Manage My Anxiety

Why The Government Needs To Consider All Ages When Tackling Loneliness

Why we need to be selfish for the sake of our health

Are we using social media to be social?

How do we teach children not to talk to strangers when social media is a part of their lives?

Those of us who are lonely in London are almost a city in ourselves

Why I no longer want to be a #GirlBoss


These Women Take Us Through Their Period Sleep Rituals {Interview}


How to adapt if you’ve moved in with your parents due to Coronavirus {Interview}

The F Word

Who will believe thee? – a theatre review of Measure for Measure at the Donmar Warehouse

Quarter Life Magazine

Why our 20s are the loneliest time of our lives

Restless Magazine

When is the right time to switch jobs?

How to Have a Zero Waste Christmas


Five Young People on Their Experience of Loneliness {Interview}


How to cope if Christmas shopping makes your anxiety worse {Interview}

Why Taking Part in the 10 Year Photo Challenge Could Be Bad For Your Mental Health {Interview}

What I Rent Feature {Interview}


10 Small Ways to Help Stop Loneliness this Christmas {Interview}


New Year’s Resolutions 2022: 22 People on the One Thing They’re Leaving Behind in 2021 {Interview}

8 Women On The One Thing They’re Doing Differently At Work This Year {Interview}

How 6 women around the UK are really feeling about the cost of living {Interview}

Calm Moment

Lockdown Self-Care Tips to Help You Cope


Taking time off when you’re self-employed

Avoiding Burn-Out When Self-Employed

When is the right time to leave your job to go freelance?

How to Balance Freelancing Whilst Working an Office Job

Funzing Talks

Is social media making us anti-social?  – 26th February 2019 – The Lighthouse, Shoreditch, London


We Spoke To Women Who’ve Been Ghosted To Discover the True Mental Health Fallout {Interview}

The Young Women Being Pushed to the Brink by Soaring Energy Bills {Interview}

That’s Life

Should Sainsbury Be Selling Sex Toys?


Climate Change: What is Eco-Anxiety and what can we do about it? {Interview}

Taylor Magazine

10 Ways to Avoid Burn Out

Books to Stave off Loneliness

How to Handle Imposter Syndrome

Top Ten Careers Tips for Women in their 20s

How to Tackle Burnout in Lockdown

How to Handle the Financial Fall-Out Post-Lockdown

Bloom from the Darkness

How to Deal with Anxiety in a New Job

Woman Ready

Self Nomination: Taking Self-Belief to the Next Level


Young children take to streets to protest president’s policies on guns and violence (quoted)

The Tylt

Is it possible to switch to a Zero-Waste Lifestyle? (quoted)

Have you switched to a zero-waste lifestyle? (quoted)

Plus Minus Magazine

Tips for Better Sexual Health (blog quoted)

The Slumbering SlothCast 

Episode 3 – April 2019

Episode 92 – Feb 2021

If you would be interested in commissioning me to write a feature or take part in an interview, please get in touch via eleanor.pilcher(@)gmail(dot)com

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