Five Favourite Audiobooks of 2019
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Five Favourite Audiobooks of 2019

Five Favourite Audiobooks of 2019

I read a lot of audiobooks! I would go as far as saying that this is my new favourite medium for reading books. I’m just reading them with my ears rather than my eyes, and this leaves me free to do other things at the same time! Like cooking, cleaning, writing, working, walking etc. So today’s Blogmas post is all about my Five Favourite Audiobooks.

Five Favourite Audiobooks

Harry Potter Series read by Stephen Fry

I read the Harry Potter series every summer – I’ve done this since I was 15 years old – and this year marks my 10th anniversary! For the last three years, I’ve listened to the audiobook versions rather than reading the originals, as this means I can listen to them on the go and it’s the best past-time. Also, Stephen Fry is an amazing audiobook narrator. His characters all sound different, which is quite a feat with a series that has over 100 speaking roles. Brilliant series.

Me by Elton John

Read by Taron Egerton, who played Elton in Rocketman the movie, this is an exceptional autobiography! Listening to it on audio was great as it was intercut with songs, sung by Taron, and also Taron putting on the voices of the famous people in the anecdotes from Elton. Fascinating and funny, a really good read (and listen).

The Five by Hallie Rubenhold

Telling the stories of the five women supposedly killed by Jack the Ripper. This historical book is packed full of detail and I became addicted to listening to it. From the lives of the murdered women’s parents to the reaction of their children after they were discovered dead, this book is utterly brilliant. Perfect for fans of history books and not.

My Girls by Todd Fisher

Like many of us, I was utterly heartbroken when Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds passed away within a day of each other in Christmas 2016. It was a shock, and the loss of two incredible women at once over Christmas was incredibly shattering. Todd Fisher, Carrie’s younger brother, and Debbie’s son wrote My Girls depicting the lives of the two women – warts and all – from his first memory to the year after their death. It’s a very poignant read, filled with love. And whilst I recommend taking it with a pinch of salt – remember, this is family – I still think it was a powerful book to read.

The Freelance Mum by Annie Ridout

I love listening to non-fiction books to do with careers as I find it motivates me to keep going with my many side hustles. This was one of the stand-out reads for me – surprisingly, as I’m neither a mum nor wholly freelance. However, Annie is a freelance writer and I am too, so a lot of what she had to say resonated with me. This is a good book for anyone else looking to do some freelance writing, either on the side or full-time.

These were my top audiobooks of 2019. What were yours? Let me know in the comments below. Merry Christmas.

Love Ellie x

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