Feminist Halloween Costumes

11 Feminist Halloween Costumes on a budget

11 Feminist Halloween Costumes on a budget

Halloween is just around the corner and unless you want to get caught out in the rush to find a decent costume the night before a big party, you may want to plan ahead.

This year there’s even more focus on our costumes, what with the #MeToo movement and the recent scandal regarding a Handmaid’s outfit that was extremely sexualised.

To be clear, you can wear whatever you like this Halloween and that does not give anyone the right to touch you or comment on your state of dress. Halloween is the one night a year when you can wear whatever you like and you should not be judged for it.

In London alone, you should be able to walk onto a tube wearing police tape and blood and no one should bat an eyelid.

But if you’re thinking of wearing something a little more suitable to the #MeToo era then here are some feminist costumes you can buy or create within a budget.

Frieda Kahlo

You can’t beat the classic artist look. Creative, fun and a unibrow. Grab a maxi skirt, some flowers in your hair and the best eyeliner you can find. Remember it’s all about the colour of this fancy dress.

Ashley Spinelli from Recess

For the child at heart, an orange beanie and combat boots and you can’t go wrong. Partner a mini dress with a leather jacket and you’re good to go.

Dottie Hinson from A League of their Own

The diamond girl of female baseball, how can you beat that? Look sexy, feel strong. You might need to get creative to find an authentic 1940s women’s baseball outfit but you can always go for a tan dress and red belt with a baseball cap. Baseball bat compulsory.


She saved China. Can you really beat this role model? Be culturally appropriate though. Think layers, scarves and maxi dresses.

Agent Peggy Carter by Marvel

A simple look with a colour scheme that kills. Not to mention a career. Go for a pencil skirt and blouse or the navy coat and red hat, either way, you’ll look fierce.

Nora Ephron

The feminist icon of some of our favourite romantic comedies is an edgy Halloween costume of choice but one that’s definitely noteworthy. A black turtleneck and skirt, attach a spoon and fork to the front to link it to Heartburn.

A Suffragette

The classic Halloween costume favoured by feminists. Votes for women. Maxi skirt, blouse, a summer hat and body banner. Votes for Women!

Wednesday Addams

In the words of Wednesday Addams herself. ‘This is my costume. I’m a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else’. Dress head to toe in black and style your hair in plaits, don’t forget the extra pale skin.

We Can Do It – the poster girl

A favourite of even the Queen of pop, Beyonce.  High-waisted jeans, bandana and denim. The perfect ready-made costume you’ll be able to find in anyone’s wardrobe.

Serena Williams

The ultimate sports heroine, period. Black sportswear – preferably a dress or skirt – with compulsory tennis rackets and trainers.

Mary Poppins

A supercalifragilisticexpialidocious classic anyone can pull off in a rush. Find a white blouse, black midi skirt, bowler hat and umbrella and you’re away. Add a flash of colour with red lips, red nails and a red belt or bow tie and you’re away.

Instagram will blow up with these Halloween costumes on a budget.  

Love Ellie x

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11 Feminist Halloween Costumes

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