Favourite Theatre Shows of 2022
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Favourite Theatre Shows of 2022

Favourite Theatre Shows of 2022

It finally feels like the theatre has gone back to the way it was before COVID, and it was a great year for me in terms of theatre productions. I managed to see eight productions in 2022. These are my favourite theatre shows of 2022.

Favourite Theatre Shows of 2022

Hamilton – Jan

In January 2022, I finally saw Hamilton on the West End stage. Of course, it was just as excellent as expected. I had already seen the Broadway production via Disney+ and listened to the album about 50+ times. So no surprises, but the staging is so clever and the performances are just as strong as Lin Manuel Miranda’s and the original cast. Would happily go back and see it again.

Mary Poppins – Jan

After three attempts my mum and I finally managed to see Mary Poppins at the Prince Edward Theatre with Zizi Strallen and Charlie Stemp. Unfortunately, Petula Clark had left the show about a month prior, which was a shame for mum who had really wanted to see her perform. However, Zizi Strallen and Charlie Stemp were excellent. When they were off-stage the musical was actually – unfortunate to say – quite boring. It was very try-hard, and not that child-friendly, oddly enough. But Charlie Stemp literally tap-danced on the ceiling! So, can’t deny how happy I was to see him and Zizi Strallen perform live.

Come From Away – Feb

In February, my mum gave me her ticket to see Come From Away with my dad and some family friends. It’s one of my Dad’s top three favourite musicals – which is saying something as he and my mum have seen a lot together! – so it came highly recommended. I’ve got to say I loved it! It’s the perfect balance of funny, sad, and brilliant toe-tapping songs. You’ll be singing Welcome to the Rock for weeks after.

Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet – Aug/Sept

In August and again in September I saw Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet. This is the 2nd/3rd time I’ve seen this production of this hilarious comedy and it just gets better and better. On both occasions the same actress was drunk and she played Juliet. However, the productions were both very different. They’ve also extended the show from an hour to two with an interval, which I swear there wasn’t before COVID. Both times I went with friends and we laughed until we couldn’t breathe. I look forward to their next Shit-Faced Shakespeare production. You can guarantee I’ll be buying tickets.

Stranger Sings – November

In November, my best friend suggested we go and see Stranger Sings, a parody musical based on the TV series Stranger Things. She had seen it in New York and again in London, and we managed to get tickets for £5 each and I would have happily paid more. I was laughing throughout – the dancing Demigorgan was everything – from silly in-jokes to puppets, great singing and characterisation. It was simply amazing. I highly recommend it, if you’re a fan of Stranger Things.

What were your favourite Theatre Shows of 2022? Any recommendations for 2023? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Favourite Theatre Shows of 2022


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