Favourite Films of 2020
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Favourite Films of 2020

Favourite Films of 2020

Today I thought I would share a list of my Favourite Films of 2020. This list is a mix of new films and films that are new to me but may have been released before 2020.

Favourite FIlms of 2020

Anna (Amazon)

First up, surprisingly for me, is an espionage thriller. The main character of Anna is a Russian KGB member. The story is chronologically backward so you’re never sure what happened when and therefore can’t figure out who’s good and who’s bad. Ultimately though, you really get to know Anna who is a Russian assassin and supermodel. Very good acting and I enjoyed the storyline.

Midway (Amazon)

Another surprise for me was this War Film. I had never heard of the Battle of Midway. I knew about Pearl Harbour and the attacks on Japan in retaliation, but I didn’t realise that the Japanese had planned a second attack to weaken the USA which was scuppered. This epic movie features some interesting actors – Darren Criss and Nick Jonas stick out like sore thumbs – but you can’t deny the pace and heartfelt action of the men and the battles they faced.

The Holidate (Netflix)

Sometimes a crap movie is all you need. This is a crap movie I loved. From the punny title to the stupidity of the storyline. A Christmas romance about two singletons sick of being the only single one at festive do’s – and made to feel shit about it – is something I can relate too. Of course we all know how this movie is going to end, but the silliness is all I want for Christmas.

The Personal History of David Copperfield

Whilst not a ‘good’ adaptation of Charles Dicken’s bildungsroman about the titular David Copperfield, this movie is still a lot of fun. Tilda Swinton at Betsy Trotwood is an inspired piece of casting. And Hugh Laurie did a great job of Mr Dick, in fact, I think he overshadowed many of the other characters. If you’re looking to cheat on your homework by watching this adaptation – don’t! A lot of the plot is cut and they’ve changed the endings of many characters. But it’s sweet and funny, and that’s perfect for lockdown living in 2020.

Work It (Netflix)

Netflix originals are very hit-and-miss for me. I wasn’t sure I liked Work It when I watched it, except I liked the love interest and the best friend. The main character is a drip who I don’t give a damn about, but the other two characters are fantastic so I watch it for them.

Ophelia (Netflix)

Ophelia came out in 2019, I believe, and I missed its small cinema release which I was upset about. I enjoy adaptations of plays and stories where the woman gets a voice. Whilst I think the plot line involving the queen and a witch was unnecessary I enjoyed Daisy Ridley’s captivating performance as ‘the mad’ – or rather ‘the tomboyish’ – Ophelia from Hamlet.

The Devil All the Time (Netflix)

And finally, The Devil All the Time. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this Deep South, 1960s thriller. It’s kind of genre-defying and a bit overtly ‘praise the lord’ for me. But it had a good cast and the trailer intrigued me. It surprised me as being pretty good too – except for Robert Pattinson’s accent which was just insulting to… well, everything.

What films did you love this year? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Favourite Films of 2020

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