Favourite Audiobooks of 2023
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Favourite Audiobooks of 2023

Favourite Audiobooks of 2023

As a massive fan of audiobooks, I’ve read quite a few in 2023! And today is my chance to share my favourite audiobooks of 2023. So let’s jump right in.

Favourite Audiobooks of 2023

Oh Miriam! by Miriam Margoyles

Starting off with a corker, possibly my most anticipated audiobook of 2023. I love Miriam Margoyles and her first memoir was hilarious. I didn’t love Oh Miriam! as much, but I still found it hilarious, and at times educational. A great memoir.

Seventeen by Joe Gibson

I got Seventeen on a complete whim. It’s a memoir written under a pseudonym about a young man who was groomed by his female teacher when he was seveteen years old. He went on to live his life with her but has since got divorced and realised – with a lot of therapy – that he experienced child abuse at the hands of a teacher. It’s a harrowing read, written like a novel so it’s almost unputdownable.

Grimoire Girl by Hilarie Burton Morgan

I’ve always liked Hilarie Burton Morgan, ever since One Tree Hill so when I discovered she had written a memoir I downloaded the audio. It turns out this is the second memoir, but it was still full of stories and anecdotes of her life pre and post One Tree Hill.

Days at the Morisaki Bookshop by Satoshi Yagisawa

I’ve spent a lot of the last few months working on Days at the Morisaki Bookshop as this is a big book of Bonnier Books UK. It’s also just the sweetest read. Translated from Japanese, the story follows an uncle and his struggling niece as they reconnect and get over lost love.

The Door-to-Door Bookstore by Carsten Henn

Another Bonnier book, and another translated read, The Door-to-Door Bookstore is translated from German. The story follows a 72-year-old man who delivers books to his community every evening. The job is at risk and so is his livelihood, until a little girl starts to follow him around and help him with his rounds.

The Foundling by Stacey Halls

And finally, for the Bonnier books, is The Foundling by Stacey Halls. This is one of my all-time favourite audio productions – shout out to the amazing Bonnier audio team! – a duo of voices, it’s the most relaxing listen yet an entertaining historical novel.

Love from the Pink Palace by Jill Nalder

Last but not least is Love from the Pink Palace. This is a memoir from Jill Nalder, who was the inspiration for Jill in It’s a Sin, the channel 4 drama. It’s moving, harrowing and also very loving. I highly recommend the audio for the exclusive interview between the remaining friends at the end. Very sweet, but a hard read.

What were your favourite audiobooks of 2023? Let me know in the comments below

Love Ellie x

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Favourite Audiobooks of 2023

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