Fashion Review of Katch Me Loungewear | Ad

Fashion Review of Katch Me Loungewear | Ad

Fashion Review of Katch Me Loungewear | Ad

At the beginning of January, I was approached by Katch Me to review some of their affordable loungewear items.

Like many of us, I am spending most of my time in loungewear at the moment. From jogging bottoms when I’m at work, to hoodies and shorts during the weekend. I live for loungewear right now!

So when Katch Me got in touch and asked me to review three products of their loungewear line, I was all for it.

Katch Me Loungewear: The Products

As ever in lockdown, my clothes size has increased – mostly because I’m living off my mother’s amazing cooking (and my dad’s not-so-bad cooking too!) Plus, am doing little to no – mostly no – exercise, except the occasional walk and Swingball game. Yes, I still play Swingball.

As such, when ordering my items for this review I went with the largest sizes available. It seems that Katch Me tends to cater towards women sizes 4-14. Anyone over a size 14 will likely find it harder to find comfortable loungewear on sale, particularly if you like your loungewear to be baggy like me!

Loungewear Item 1: Cream Cuffed Joggers 

The first item of clothing I requested was a pair of UK-size 14 joggers. Everyone needs a good pair of joggers, regardless of whether they exercise in them or not.

Katch Me Joggers

These are very soft, extremely warm and thicker than your average pair of joggers. Perfect for when you’re working at a desk all day and want to stay warm, or for cuddling up on the sofa with a bar of chocolate and a TV show.

Katch Me Joggers

The only negative for me was that they’re quite baggy around the crotch area, and since they’re meant to be high-waisted, if you’re wearing a baggy jumper or an over-sized T-shirt on top you can look a little swamped in your clothing. However, that’s not really a bad thing if you’re just going for comfort around the house.

These are currently priced at £10.99 but are usually priced at £27.99. And range from UK size 6 to 16.

Loungewear Item 2: Black Joggers with White Piping

I’ve been after a pair of joggers with some white piping for ages. I got these in UK size 14 (XL).
I think these are a really flattering pair of joggers; and they’d look great if you were out for a jog – not that I imagine I’ll start jogging anytime soon.

Katch Me Joggers with White Piping

They don’t have a lot of give in them around the waist, compared to the Cream Cuffed Joggers, but they did fit me fairly well. They’re skin tight, unlike the previous joggers which were much looser around the legs and crotch area.

My biggest negative about these joggers is the feeling of the material. It’s hard to describe, but it’s made of some synthetic, silky polyester, which is not my favourite. I don’t imagine they would feel great if you were wearing them and particularly sweaty; you would definitely have to peel them off yourself. But, if you don’t mind that, then they’ll likely be fine for a light jog.

White piping joggers

For me, these are more likely to be worn when I’m pottering around the house, doing the laundry and taking out the bins more than anything else.

These are currently priced at £16.99 but are usually priced at £43.99. And range from UK size 8-14 as S, M, L or XL.

Loungewear Item 3: Grey Oversized Hoodie

And finally, I got a hoodie in UK size 14. I know that my sister will see this hoodie and she will steal it. I just know it.

This is your typical, plain grey hoodie and it does what it says on the tin. If you’re after a standard staple for your wardrobe, then you can’t go wrong. It’s warm, has a tight hood that won’t fly off in a gust of wind, and a big pocket in the front to keep your hands warm.

Grey Hoodie
My only negative is that it doesn’t have any give in the chest of the hoodie. It’s elasticated at the bottom and around the neck, but the middle has no give at all. As such, it’s harder to get on and off without dragging your shirt up, or without doing some arm gymnastics. But it’s not a massive negative.
Katch Me Hoodie

This hoodie is available for £11.99 but is usually priced at £31.99. It’s available in UK sizes 4-16.

Final Review

If you’re after some affordable loungewear – and you’re a size 6-12 – then I think Katch Me is a good brand for you.

All of the items I’ve reviewed are size 14, and whilst they do fit me, because of the lack of give in the clothes they’re less lounge-y than I would like. I prefer my loungewear to be baggy and throw-on-loose, and as such, I would use Katch Me more if I was a size 10-12.

However, the quality of the clothes was mostly great (I’m still not sure about the material of the white piping joggers) and the delivery was exceptional. I ordered the products on Wednesday and they arrived on Friday. Plus, the customer service was fantastic.

Overall, I would give the three products a 2.5 out of 3. Nearly perfect, just needs a little more give in the elastic and better material for the skin-tight joggers and then they’d be perfect.

Disclaimer: This is a gifted collaboration with Katch Me, but all opinions shared within this post are honest and my own.
Love Ellie x
Fashion Review of Katch Me Loungewear | Ad

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