My Current Favourites - August 2022

My Current Favourites – August 2022

My Current Favourites – August 2022

It’s been a few months since I last did a round of favourites, so today I thought I would share my current favourites for the month of August.

Christmas Magic Yankee Candle

I know it’s not Christmas yet, but I love the smell of Christmas candles. I’ve had this one burning pretty much all day in the living room and it smells amazing. With top notes of Mandarin, Bergamot and Eucalyptus.

Cadbury’s Chocolate Spread

I know it’s bad for me, but if you ever need an afternoon pick-up of a sugar kick, a spoonful of this on top of a piece of bread or a digestive biscuit does the trick. Delicious!

Game of Thrones

In prep for the release of House of the Dragon, I re-watched Game of Thrones from start to finish. My original thoughts still hold, it’s the best TV show until Season 7 when it all goes downhill. Still a great re-watch though.

Starbucks Caffe Latte

Another snack/drink I know is bad for me but tastes delicious. Why pick up a £4 coffee when I can just a carton of cold coffee for £1 at the local Sainsbury’s? It’s my go-to office treat and I love it. I am definitely addictive and they are pricey for what you get, but it’s one of my only vices.

Some Like It Hot

For my recent 30-Day Challenge of 30 Classic Movies in 30 Days, I watched Some Like It Hot. It was brilliant. A hilarious comedy from the 1950s, starring Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis. I was genuinely cackling when watching this and am still thinking about it 2+ weeks later.

212 Caroline Herara Perfume

My go-to perfume at the minute is the 212 Caroline Herrara, with top notes of mandarin, bergamot and pink pepper – very similar to my favourite candle. It’s a heavy scent touched with sweetness, including Vanilla and Cotton-Candy, and it’s long-lasting, which I love.

What are your current favourites? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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My Current Favourites - August 2022

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