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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I do! Hannah Schofield at LBA is my literary agent. To contact her about my books please use:

I no longer accept review requests unless they are submitted via a publisher or my agent. This is mainly due to time, as I work a full-time job and am also an author, public speaker and occasional journalist.

On occasion I offer my time to mentor, network and chat with publishing hopefuls over Zoom and/or in-person meetings. But currently, I am not available to mentor or meet 1-2-1. If this changes I will update my FAQs, LinkedIn or put a call out on my social media/newsletter. However, I am available to attend panels, talks or lives to discuss publishing in general and can be reached via the contact form above. Otherwise, please see my Publishing Hopeful’s Toolkit for advice and links to help you with your publishing career.

In the past, I have worked with brands to promote and review their products via my blog. I’m always happy to be contacted, but I reserve the right to turn down partnerships if I don’t have the time to support them, or if the brand doesn’t feel relevant to me and my audience. I do not accept in-link promotions or advertising slots.