Clothes Doctor

Clothes Doctor | Product Review

Clothes Doctor | Product Review

Last year, I interviewed Lulu O’Connor, the founder of Clothes Doctor for a piece on eco-friendly companies.

Clothes Doctors Products

The company was kind enough to send me two products for review:

250ml – 14 washes – £11.50

500ml – 28 washes – £16.00

250ml – 14 washes – £14.00

500ml – 28 washes – £19.50

I am a total convert! And I mean that with all sincerity. Those that know me, know that if I don’t like a product I’ll tell you and I’ll stop using it.

But that’s not the case with Clothes Doctor products.

The Signature Eco-Washing Detergent Review

The signature eco-washing detergent is perfect for me. It cleans my clothes without leaving a fake fragrance – just a lovely clean scent – or irritates my skin like other products do (looking at you Daz!) Also, it’s so easy to use and good for the environment.

Clothes Doctor Detergent

I received a 500ml bottle for review, which is good for 28 washes. It’s a powder rather than a gel capsule, which was what I was previously using, and you only need 3-4 caps per wash. Depending on the amount you are washing. It doesn’t get stains out of clothing, I have noticed so you’ll need some stain remover before putting those items in the wash with it, but apart from that, it does the job nicely.

I’m particularly pleased as my eczema has cleared up since using the product, so clearly, my old detergent was aggravating my skin in some way.

Clothes Doctor Packaging

All of the Clothes Doctor products are contained in 100% aluminium bottles with compostable labels. You can send the bottle back to be re-filled in your next order, or if you’re a subscriber to the products. You can also simply return the bottle for re-use if you’re not going to repurchase or add it to your recycling to discard.

The Eco-Wash for Silk

I haven’t had much use for this product as yet, as I don’t have many items made from suitable materials. However, because of Christmas, I did get to try it out on some delicate material party dresses I didn’t want to throw in with my big wash.

It worked great. Very similar to the signature eco-washing detergent, it didn’t leave behind a fragrance just a scent of cleanliness. It washed out any of the sweat and alcohol – it was a party folk! – I got on it and when I hung it on a hanger it aired beautifully.

Clothes Doctor Products

The product comes in liquid form, unlike the signature eco-wash and it’s recommended you use it in hand washing or delicate wash cycles only. I used it in a delicate wash and it was fine.

The bottle I received was 250ml and is good for 14 washes – I’ve yet to use it for more than 2 but this is my go-to over dry-cleaning now.

As with all the Clothes Doctor products it comes in recyclable aluminium packaging, is made in Britain, and is completely free from toxins, animal testing, and vegan.

Final Review of Clothes Doctor

All in all, I am loving the Clothes Doctor products, and also their service. They’re honestly lovely!

Their ethos, the fact that they’re a British-based company and super friendly/helpful just makes working with them and being a customer all the more special.

I definitely think that once I run out of my Signature Eco-Washing Detergent I am going to re-purchase the 500ml bottle for £16.00. A product from Fairy or Daz is going to cost about half the price but this is better for the environment, better for my skin, and does the job well. So why not!

For more information about Clothes Doctor and their products/services, check out their website.

Love Ellie x

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Clothes Doctor Review

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