My Bullet Journal

My Bullet Journal | 2017 Edition

My Bullet Journal

It’s been 6 months since I started a Bullet Journal and I love it! I’ve even managed to persuade a few fellow bloggers to join in this phenomenon and they love it. It’s addictive, great for organisation and fun.

So for 2017, I decided to start a new journal. My old one was getting pretty full and I really wanted to try a Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook.

Bullet Journal

I bought mine at Foyles in London. I didn’t get the ‘proper’ Bullet Journal, as that was £19.99, I bought a standard A5 dotted hardback for £13.99. It’s mostly the same, it’s just missing the index page and page numbers.

I am continuing to use the same pens as before – two uni-line pens, my fountain pen, and a pack of Stabilo-coloured fine tips! Perfect. They’re all I need.

I’ve spent the last few weeks setting up the month of January and adding a few ‘go-to’ pages I can use throughout the year, or at least the next six months. I’m loving it.


My last journal was a bright, colourful Paperchase Agenzio notebook and I used a lot of colours. This notebook is black and I’ve gone minimalist. I prefer this edition so much! I focus more on my organisation than the ‘appearance’ although I think it still looks appealing.

Bullet Journal Key

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

First off I have the key and my weekly spreads. I rarely use the key, to be honest, but it’s good to have it to begin with. My weekly spread is really simple, but I like this as last time I spent too long decorating it and then never used it. This way is more effective.

Trackers & To Do lists

Bullet Journal Tracker


Bullet Journal Tracker

I’ve been a bit lapse in my tracker this month, but I have since filled it in. My To Do list is just for the month, but if I finish it I can always create a new one. It’s really good for keeping me on track.

Bullet Journal Lists

I love lists in my Bullet Journal. I have lists for my blogging posts, my to-do’s, crowdfunding, aims, goals…everything!

Bullet Journal Books Lists

Bullet Journal Blog Ideas

It’s really good for brain dumping before I go to sleep or on the train in the morning. And it’s a really useful tool to come back to over the weeks when I get in a slump.


Bullet Journal Twitter Goals

Bullet Journal 2017 Goals

Bullet Journal Goals 2

I have a few pages in my new Bullet Journal for goals. From Savings Goals to Blogging Goals. I find it really helpful and motivating to have my goals on me at all times. I know what I am aiming for throughout the year. It’s really fun to add too as well.

Level 10 Life

This is an idea created by Boho Berry over on YouTube, check her out if you want to start Bullet Journaling. It is a great way to evaluate your life. It’s not as frightening as it sounds! You have 10 things to focus on in your life, and then under every 10 things you write 10 goals/aims to achieve in the future. There is no time frame for this. But as you do each thing, and so improve your life, you mark them off on your graph.

Bullet Journal Level 10 Life

Bullet Journal Level 10 Life 2

Bullet Journal Level 10 Goals

Currently, my levels are fairly low – Level 4 being my highest – so I have a lot of things I can improve on in my life. But I find this a great way to motivate me to get the best out of life.

Social Media

I spend a lot of time on Social Media. Not only for blogging purposes but also for work purposes – I am a Social Media Coordinator – as well as for my novel. I am currently crowdfunding to get my novel published, on Unbound, a crowdfunding platform specifically for books.

So I am having to plan a lot of social media campaigns and keep track of my social media statistics.

Bullet Journal Social Media

These pages help me to keep track of using SM to the best of my ability.

Personal Development

Then we have the kind of ‘fun’ personal development pages. So I’m looking to get back into fitness – slowly but surely – starting with an Ab’s Challenge.

I actually found this BuJo page on Pinterest – another great place to find inspiration! And I am really interested in completing this challenge in February or March. I also have some ‘Me time ideas’ just to have some notion of self-care in 2017.

Bullet Journals Abs Challenge

Bullet Journal Me Time

So that is my Bullet Journal as it stands currently. There are a few more pages, which I can’t show you for personal reasons – such as Finances, Work ideas etc.

It’s a really useful tool for keeping track of your life and I take it with me everywhere!

Since it is so minimal it means I can add to it throughout the day without worrying that the pens won’t match or the ‘theme’ is off. It feels more practical, to me. But everyone is different.

Let me know if you have a Bullet Journal. And definitely share your blogs below if you’ve done a post on yours. I adore Bullet Journal posts.

Love Ellie x Bullet Journal

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  1. I love this post! I’m trying to get more ideas for bullet journalling as I’ve just started this year (at least, when I have time!) so this is brilliant. You have some really wonderful ideas and pages – I’m definitely going to be borrowing some of them 😀

  2. How random, ive literally never seen a leuchtturm without page numbers and an index. love looking at older bujos. x

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