Brands That Sell Zero Waste Beauty Products

Brands That Sell Zero Waste Beauty Products

If you’re interested in going zero or low waste, then here are some brands that sell zero waste beauty products. The list contains a mix of affordable and pricier items, but most of the products are refillable so you’ll ultimately save money in the long term.

Brands That Sell Zero Waste Beauty Products

UpCircle Beauty

99% of their packaging is plastic-free and for the 1% that isn’t, they offer plastic-free refills to help. Their products are all organic and they even use wasted food in their products like discarded fruit stones and coffee grounds. I’ve tried a few of their products, including their moisturiser and eye cream, and love their products; my skin feels much healthier as a result.

Zao Make-Up

Zao is a UK-based company that produces chemical and animal cruelty-free cosmetic products, in sustainable and reusable packaging. They sell a wide arrange of cosmetics, so you can find everything you need for a night out or a night in. I particularly enjoy their compact blushes in sustainable packaging.

Evolve Beauty

Evolve’s skincare products are very aesthetically pleasing, and their low waste. All of their packaging is recyclable and their currently looking into offering refill options. They sell a range of skincare products made with organic ingredients, and they even offer a page with full information about every ingredient they mention.

Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis creates a stunning line of refillable cosmetic products. The second I saw they did multiple shades of striking red lipsticks I was sold.

Axiology Beauty

Axiology creates a wide variety of low-waste products in plastic-free packaging. Their no. 1 product is lip crayons – that look like actual crayons! They also sell lipsticks in recyclable packaging. The products are super unique and come in a wide range of shades. Well worth looking into.

Have you tried any of these beauty brands? And if you have any other suggestions for zero waste beauty products and brands let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Brands That Sell Zero Waste Beauty Products


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