Bookish Resolutions 2018 catch up

Bookish Resolutions 2018 | Catch-Up

Bookish Resolutions 2018 | Catch-Up

I can’t believe we’re in July already. Where has the year gone? Today I decided to have a catch-up with my bookish resolutions for the year and see if I am on target.

Bookish Resolution 1: Read at least 80 books 

My Goodreads challenge is on target this year. I have read forty books so far so only another forty books to go. I can do this!

Bookish Resolution 2: Register at my local library and read at least 5 books from the library

I am failing at this resolution so far. My local library is not great and has very little to offer. I might have a look for other libraries in the area and see if they’re any better – otherwise, I might not succeed at this resolution this year.

Bookish Resolution 3: Listen to 20 audiobooks

I have read twenty audiobooks exactly already. So I’ve smashed this resolution!

Bookish Resolutions 2018

Bookish Resolution 4: Read 5 classics I’ve never read before

I’ve read one new classic so far this year and I’ve got my eye on a few more. I do need to speed up a little though.

Bookish Resolution 5: Read at least 65 new books

Out of the forty books I’ve read so far, thirty-five of them have been brand new. Only thirty to more to go which means I can re-read up to ten more books and still reach my Goodreads goal.

I’m feeling good about my Bookish resolutions this year. I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately but my Harry Potter re-read is in full swing and I’m currently reading a few books on the go. Book reviews to follow!

Let me know how you’re bookish resolutions are going in the comments below. Happy reading.

Love Ellie x

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