Best places to eat in London
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Best Places to Eat in London 2020

Best Places to Eat in London 2020

Working in London means a lot of work lunches. Because of these so-called ‘work’ lunches, I have been to quite a few eateries in the city, and today I thought I would share some of the best places to eat in London.

Best places to eat in London 2020

If there is an * next to the restaurant, that restaurant is now closed.


I recently went to Bubbledogs with my old colleagues Emily and Sian. This place literally just serves hotdogs and champagne. Even their desserts are hotdogs – made of brioche bread and chocolate bars. Plus they serve tater tots. Needless to say, this is my new favourite place in London to eat.

Pizza Union

Based in Kings Cross this is mine and my PPC girls – all of us are ex-publicists! – favourite place to eat. For £5 we can get an awesome pizza – of which I never eat the crust (it’s a habit) – and some awesome conversation. Get there early to get a table as this place gets packed! And if you ever hear some raucous laughter in the back corner, that’s us. We will not apologise.

Jacks Bar

My old colleagues will criticise me for having Jacks on this list but I did love this place’s Thai lunches. Black Pepper Chicken was my favourite. And whilst the price rose from £5 a box to £7 by the time I left – extortion! – it was still worth it.

Yen Burger

If you’re ever after a slightly healthier, slightly different burger then Yen Burger is the place to go. These burgers are served in bao buns – a combination that should not work but does! Delicious. Also, the rosemary chips are amazing.

Strada Riverside

If you’re ever after a quick Italian, aren’t we all, then Strada is the place to go. Like a deli counter in Sainsbury’s, you go up and ask for what you want and they prepare it in front of you in a matter of minutes. From pasta to risotto, to pizza or well, more pizza. Great for a quick but wholesome bite to eat before the theatre or cinema.


Swinger is actually a golf club. My brother recently went and I had the best time shouting ‘Enjoy Swingers!’ outside the house on our residential suburban street. But this place is not only a golf club, but it’s also a mini restaurant and serves the best pizza! It has truffle oil – enough said.

Flat Iron Square – Vietnamese

If you’re ever after some gorgeous street food without the ‘street’ feeling then go to Flat Iron Square near London Bridge. They serve the best Vietnamese food I’ve ever had. There Duck Mii is incredible!

What are your favourite places to eat in London? Let me know in the comments below. I’m always in the market to try new places.

Love Ellie x

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