Best Books on Waste Free Living
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Best Books on Waste Free Living

Best Books on Waste Free Living

If you’re interested in a zero waste lifestyle, or simply reducing your waste after lockdown. Here are my recommendations for books on waste free living.

A Life Less Throwaway by Tara Button

Tara is the CEO of BUYmeONCE, a company that specialises in product to last a lifetime. This book is a marketing based book, I would save, a lot of the messages push her own products. However, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a worthwhile read. A lot of us are too quick to throw out and buy new products when we could invest, fix or recycle our products in other ways.

No. More. Plastic. by Martin Dorey

A really quick read that I finished on my commute. It explains the impact of plastic on wildlife and life in general. From the amount of waste in the sea, to the harmful impact of waste on beaches and other areas at risk of contamination.  This pushes the idea of the #2minutesolution, where you can alter the effects of waste with a simple two minutes a day, with some handy tips on what to do.

Say No to Waste by Harriet Dyer

If you’re after a list of ways to combat waste, Harriet Dyer wrote this book with 101 simple solutions. From changing to bamboo toothbrushes, to how to compost your food waste and tackle recycling. A great how to guide for anyone starting out.

F*ck Plastic by The F Team

Another How To guide with 101 ways to combat your waste is the F*ck Plastic book from The F Team. A bit less softy-softy with more punch than Harriet Dyer’s book, but still the message remains the same. Create less waste!

Live Green by Jen Chillingsworth

If you’re more interested a sustainable life and giving back to the earth then Live Green is the book for you. A really great guide to living a healthy and happy life by producing less, but also utilising what we have more.

How to Live Plastic Free by Luca Bonaccorsi

If you’re struggling with how to kick-start your waste-free living then I recommend How to Live Plastic Free. It carefully covers the plastic detox process, and gives easy examples of how and where to start. It’s a slow process that shouldn’t be done overnight but over several weeks.

Turning the Tide on Plastic by Lucy Siegle

Need more knowledge on what happens to our waste when it leaves our possession? This book will freak you out, in a good way. It will boost your confidence to make the change to waste free living and make you more conscious of what products you use and how you dispose of them.

My Zero Waste Kitchen by Kate Turner

A fun how to guide on how to work sustainably within our kitchens. From shopping at zero waste stores with our own jars and containers, to how to successfully dispose of food waste and minimise our water usage.

Six Weeks to Zero Waste by Kate Arnell

If you want to learn about what it’s like to live zero waste over a long period of time then I highly recommend reading Kate Arnell’s book, and watching her YouTube channel. Her messages were what kick-started my zero waste activity in 2019.

101 Ways to Go Zero Waste by Kathryn Kellogg

And yet again, another book on 101 ways to go zero waste. Kathryn Kellogg is a leading zero waste activist in the USA and famously contains all of her waste for the year in a 16-ounce jar. She knows what she’s talking about.

A Zero Waste Life in Thirty Days by Anita Vandyke

This was the first book I read when I started my zero waste journey. It gave me a lot of advice and tips on how and where to shop. If you’re interested in the basics of living zero waste imperfectly then I recommend this book.

And those are my recommendations for books on waste free living.

Let me know if you’ve tried zero waste living, or read books on the topic. I’m always looking for more inspirational reads to keep me combatting my waste production.

Love Ellie x

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Best Books on Waste Free Living

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