Best Books Beginning with C

Best Books Beginning with C

Best Books Beginning with C

My Best Books Beginning With… series continues. Today, it’s time to share what I think are the best books beginning with C that I’ve read to date.

The C-Word by Lisa Lynch

A harrowing non-fiction book from the late Lisa Lynch, discussing the realities of cancer through a comedic lens. It’s utterly honest, raw and incredibly emotional. And as such, very important.

Carrie Pilby by Caren Lissner

This has been heralded as an original women’s fiction novel for fans of Chic-Lit. I really enjoyed Carrie Pilby. We follow the titular character, an acerbic over-achiever in the UK who reads 17 books in a weekend and struggles with social expectations. Her therapist sets her a few tasks to get back into the world and the book follows her funny progress.

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

A satirical comedy, that is very complicated if you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. I really enjoyed Catch-22 despite the maddening lack of chronology in the book and complicated language. We follow a soldier in WW2 – Captain Yossarian – who is desperately trying to get out of fighting in the war. But because he can’t be invalided out of the war unless he’s insane and wanting to leave the war proves he’s sane he’s stuck in an unbreakable loop of having no choice but to fight.

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collier

I am a big fan of the Hunger Games trilogy. Catching Fire is probably my favourite of the three books as well. Strangely it seems to up the ante on the first hunger games and because you know the characters, more feels at risk.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

I love a classic and one classic I’ve read more than most is A Christmas Carol. Most Christmas’ I read this book the week before the holidays. It’s a story of regret and kindness at its heart, but on the surface, it’s just a lovely story of family and love.

Circe by Madeline Miller

Anyone who enjoys Greek mythology as much as I do will agree that Circe by Madeline Miller is a must-read. Following the titular character of Circe who is cast out of the world of the Gods for being a witch, she lives a solitary lifestyle on an island where she thrives. Until she falls in love with Odysseus on his journey home from the battle for Troy.

The Colour Purple by Alice Walker

A modern classic, The Colour Purple is a popular title that won the Pulitzer Prize in the 1980s. It’s an important read with brilliantly described characters and a strong storyline that is both heartbreaking and on occasion uplifting.

Conversations With Friends by Sally Rooney

Sally Rooney’s first novel and my favourite of her’s to date. This contemporary literary novel is all about two university students who befriend a married couple. One of the students falls for the husband, and vice versa and a complicated affair begins. It’s a story about relationships, narcissism and different types of love. I really enjoyed it.

Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell

And finally, a wonderfully pastoral classic that is both gentle and hilarious. Cranford is a comedy before its time, in my opinion. The late-aged characters are busy-bodying gossips who all have hearts of gold. It’s simply lovely.

Which books beginning with C do you recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Best Books Beginning with C

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