Best Autumn to Winter Homeware
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Best Autumn to Winter Homeware

Best Autumn to Winter Homeware

Now that we’re fast approaching the end of October and the beginning of the Christmas season, it’s time to make some small adjustments at home to get ready for the new season.

Some people have capsule wardrobes for each season, I have capsule homeware instead.

Today I thought I would share some suggestions for Autumn to Winter Homeware. From blankets, lighting, home decor elements and more.


Blankets are a core part of Autumn and Winter, and if you like you can keep the same blankets out at all times. But if you want to embrace the seasons, why not swap an Autumnal blanket – oranges, pumpkin prints or cable knit – for a wintery one? I tend to swap my grey teddy bear blanket for my deer blanket in November, a small change but its shows the changing of the seasons.


If you fully went out for Halloween and Autumn and swapped in pumpkin cushions and leaf-design cushions, why not swap out for some overtly Christmas ones with silly messages or fun prints? Or go for plaid or white yet fluffy ones. Simple but effective.

Christmas Homeware

Print Decor

If you want to go all out, why not change some prints around the house? There are plenty of wintery ones you can use with fun messages like ‘Sleigh, Girl, Sleigh’, to traditional ones like ‘Christmas is a Time for Family’.  Print them yourself on a home printer, via a print service or purchase them online at shops like Desenio.


Another easy change, which has to be updated regularly anyway, why not swap out your bedding for some wintery versions? I tend to swap my plain Autumnal bedding for some teddy bear sheets and a red and white deer duvet set. It’s extra cosy and makes me feel warm and wintery all at once. There are plenty of neutral bedding sets to choose from as well, maybe try a different colour scheme instead?

Dinner Sets

And finally, why not change out your dinner set for winter? It’s always good to give plates a bit of a rest to avoid marks and chips, so maybe now is a time to swap out for a winter or Christmas set.

What are your recommendations for Autumn to Winter homeware changes? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Best Autumn to Winter Homeware

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