Autumn Bucket List 2023

Autumn Bucket List 2023

Autumn Bucket List 2023

Autumn is almost here and it’s my favourite season of the year! I love getting out my jumpers and boots for walks, and enjoying a hot chocolate under a blanket with a good book, and all the candles! I adore Autumnal candles. Today I thought I would share my Autumn Bucket List 2023.

Much like Summer activities and Spring cleaning lists, I find creating an Autumn bucket list a great way to make the most out of my favourite season.

Autumn Bucket List 2023

Watch x3 Autumnal Movies

From Hocus Pocus to Mona Lisa’s Smile, an Autumnal movie is anything that includes a great Autumnal scene or feel. Other suggestions are Practical Magic, When Harry Met Sally or even Dead Poet’s Society.

Try a seasonal drink from a coffee chain

To pumpkin spiced lattes or a maple macchiato! I’ve never really got into the Autumnal spiced drinks and I should. They’re often sweet, moreish and utterly addictive.

Create an Autumnal Playlist

I started one last year, but I never completed it so in 2023 I’m going to start early and get a fab Autumnal playlist for the car, commute and around the house.

Have a lazy day

There’s nothing better than getting comfy in PJs, under a blanket with a hot chocolate and a good book or movie. It’s a perfect way to recharge or catch up on a great new series.

Read x4 Autumn books

This year I thought I would try reading The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. There are plenty of other great Autumnal reads though, that aren’t scary like The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern or The Ex-Hex. 

What’s on your Autumn Bucket List 2023? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Autumn Bucket List 2023

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