30 Days of Self-Care Challenge

30 Days of Self-Care | Year of 30 Day Challenges

30 Days of Self-Care | Year of 30 Day Challenges

We’re already halfway through August but I’ve yet to announce my latest 30 Day Challenge. This month my challenge is 30 Days of Self-Care.

Work has been extremely busy lately and I definitely need some self-care to relax and recharge my batteries. But what’s on my self-care challenge? From evenings chilling in front of the TV to socialising with friends and family, here’s what I’ve got planned.

30 Days of Self-Care

  1. Have a long shower or bath
  2. Paint my nails
  3. Have a facial or a back massage
  4. Have a social media free day
  5. Wake up without pressing the snooze button
  6. Have a power nap
  7. Do some stretching or exercises
  8. Go for a walk for longer than an hour
  9. Take myself to the movies
  10. Drive 8 cups of water
  11. Have a PJ day
  12. Do a social media cull
  13. Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails
  14. Prep for work the night before
  15. Go through your calendar and organise my mouth
  16. Make my bed ✔
  17. Try a puzzle or paint by numbers
  18. Organise my desk / workspace ✔
  19. Donate to charity
  20. Clean my living area
  21. Get at least 8 hours of sleep ✔
  22. Go to a market
  23. Buy myself some flowers or a houseplant
  24. Have a no-screen evening
  25. Write a gratitude list
  26. Organise any important paperwork
  27. Create or review a vision board
  28. Catch up with a friend ✔
  29. Make my work lunch
  30. Journal

So far I’ve completed 4 of my 30 activities so I’ve got quite a few more to complete before the month is ut. How will I do? I’ll share an update in September and let you know!

Love Ellie x

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30 Days of Self-Care Challenge

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