30 Days of Decluttering Challenge | Results
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30 Days of Decluttering Challenge | Results

30 Days of Decluttering Challenge | Results

It’s time to review my 30 Days of Decluttering challenge. Let’s see if I achieved my aim of decluttering an area of my life every day for 30 days.

This is the first challenge I’ve attempted in my Year of 30 Day Challenges and it didn’t go badly!

Out of 30 areas of my life, I managed to declutter 23 of them.

Firstly, a reminder of the areas in my life I was aiming to declutter:

30 Days of Decluttering Challenge

  1. Shoes ✔
  2. Clothes (at my flat) ✔
  3. Clothes (at my parents – I have quite a few here!)
  4. Books ✔
  5. Kitchenware ✔
  6. Notebooks ✔
  7. Junk Drawer ✔
  8. Storage Cupboard ✔
  9. Bedding ✔
  10. Bathroom Cabinet ✔
  11. Beside Table ✔
  12. Underbed Storage
  13. Desk ✔
  14. Coffee Table ✔
  15. Food Cabinet ✔
  16. Fridge ✔
  17. Freezer
  18. Personal Laptop
  19. Work Laptop
  20. Personal Email
  21. Paperwork ✔
  22. Home Decor ✔
  23. Bags ✔
  24. Bathroom Shelves & Storage ✔
  25. Stationery
  26. Jewellery ✔
  27. Cosmetics & Haircare ✔
  28. Cleaning Materials ✔
  29. Sideboard cupboard ✔
  30. Work Bag ✔

How did I do?

I started off the challenge strong but due to ill health for the first half of January I took a step back from decluttering. It took me a little time to find my groove again, but I did!

I ended up donating x3 large boxes of items and x1 bulging bag of clothes to charity, I threw out x4 bags of waste, to recycling and landfill.

The biggest area I decluttered and can see the most noticeable change was my kitchen. I went through every cupboard and drawer, organising everything and removing items I didn’t need. This was the room where I donated the most items to charity but also replaced items I didn’t feel were fit for purpose anymore – like plates and saucepans.

I definitely need to stay on top of my decluttering – especially the cupboards and junk drawers I seem to have accumulated over the last three years. I also need to donate more often as I’ve had a lot of things ready to donate for ages, but just not taken them to the shop or organised a pick-up.

Would you attempt a decluttering challenge? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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30 Days of Decluttering Challenge | Results

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