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30 Days of Decluttering | 2024 Edition

30 Days of Decluttering | 2024 Edition

Whilst I am not attempting a Year of 30 Days Challenges in 2024, I did think I would retry a few of the challenges I attempted in 2023. Starting with 30 Days of Decluttering in January 2024.

The beginning of a new year feels like the perfect time to declutter. And now I have a cat who is taking up more space than predicted, it feels like the perfect time. Her toys are everywhere! And I need a new system for storing her food and paraphernalia.

But where to start with the general clearing out?

30 Days of Decluttering | 2024 Edition

I’ve created a graphic with my target areas for the next month. I’ve started by grouping the plan into specific areas like the kitchen and bedroom. And then I’ve split off into specific products like utensils, make-up and even the car! The cat storage comes under ‘Kitchen Cupboards’ and ‘Sideboard’.

The aim is not to declutter a section a day but to clear 30 areas. For example, I could do three or four things in one day. But the aim is to declutter thirty areas of my life in thirty days, with little to no hassle.

All items that I give up will go to charity, be sold, be recycled or donated to friends and family i.e. handbags and books.

30 Days of Decluttering 2024

I’m starting with the bedroom, bathroom then the living room, kitchen and finally the miscellaneous areas like the car and my electricals.

Let’s see how I do. January is a busy month, but I’ve taken a few days off here or there to help with my 2024 reset. Decluttering and then cleaning is just the beginning.

Will do attempt a 30 Days of Decluttering challenge in 2024? Let me know in the comments below. And good luck!

Love Ellie x

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30 Days of Decluttering | 2024 Edition

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