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30 Day Challenges

I recently read a book called The Big Book of 30 Day Challenges by Rosanna Casper, the freelance writer behind Hackerella.

The book was interesting enough and full of suggestions to start with but I decided to create my own.

I’m quite big on challenges. Being single and living in my own place sometimes it’s nice to have an aim for the day besides sleeping, working, and getting food. A 30-day challenge is a perfect way to shake up my life a bit and encourage me to be a bit healthier in my choices too.

The rules

The rules of the challenge are simple: try to complete it. I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t do something one day, but at the same time, there is no reason why I shouldn’t.

Most of the tasks below will take less than 5 minutes of my day, but they will be something I don’t normally do.

My first 30-day challenge is going to begin on the 1st September out of one of these challenges below.

Examples of 30 Day Challenges

self care 30 day challenge

The self-care challenge is the perfect way to start some healthy habits and boost your energy and mood.

Plank 30 day challenge

Looking to get fitter but can’t afford the gym? The plank challenge will help you work out those ab muscles and make you feel less guilty about those three biscuits (okay, four) you had with your coffee.

Happiness 30 day challenge

We all like to feel a little joy. The happiness challenge, much like the self-care challenge, will help lift your mood and put a smile on your face.

No Spend 30 day Challenge

We all have those months where we need to spend less and this handy challenge can help with that.

Photography 30 day challenge

I do enjoy capturing a moment for Instagram and personal keepsake. I can’t wait to start taking some candid snaps for this challenge.

De-Cluttering 30 day challenge

Sometimes the best thing to do for your mental health or life fulfillment is to have a cleansing clear-out. These daily tasks will make a mountain seem more like a molehill.

There are six 30 day challenges to be getting on with. Check back at the beginning of September to see which challenge I decided to start with.

If you fancy having a go at one of these challenges go ahead! Link me in any post or Instagram snap you make so I can support you.

Love Ellie x

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