30 Classic Movies in 30 Days
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30 Day Challenge | 30 Classic Movies in 30 Days

30 Day Challenge | 30 Classic Movies in 30 Days

I’m on a 30 Day Challenge roll this year! I’ve had the idea and desire to do a 30 classic movies in 30 days challenge for a while.

During the 2020 lockdown, I realised I hadn’t seen many of the ‘classic’ Hollywood movies that are often featured in ‘movies to see before you die’ lists.

I’ve decided to attempt to watch 1 classic movie a day for 30 days. Obviously, I can always catch up by watching two on one day if I’m behind! I’ll definitely have to do this once or twice as there are days when I know I’m going to be away from a screen for weddings, trips, and other events.

Here is the list of the books I’ve decided to attempt this challenge:

30 Classics Movies I’m going to watch in 30 days

  1. Some Like It Hot
  2. Cleopatra
  3. City Lights
  4. East of Eden
  5. His Girl Friday
  6. All About Eve
  7. On the Waterfront
  8. It Happened One Night
  9. Lawrence of Arabia
  10. To Kill a Mockingbird
  11. Apocalypse Now
  12. La Dolce Vita
  13. The Graduate
  14. 9 to 5
  15. Cool Hand Luke
  16. It’s a Wonderful Life
  17. Roman Holiday
  18. A Streetcar Named Desire
  19. Tootsie
  20. Carmen Jones
  21. Raging Bull
  22. 12 Angry Men
  23. Casablanca
  24. The Godfather
  25. An Affair to Remember
  26. North by Northwest
  27. Lilies of the Field
  28. The Searchers
  29. Spartacus
  30. All the President’s Men

And here is the list with the dates I’m planning to watch the movies in August 2022.

30 Classic Movies in 30 Days

Quite a busy August ahead of me. Which of these movies do you think I’ll enjoy the most? And which movies on this list have you seen and enjoyed? Let me know in the comments below.

And don’t forget to recommend any other classics you think I’d enjoy!

Love Ellie x

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30 Classic Movies in 30 Days

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