30 Amazing Things I've Done

30 Amazing Things I’ve Done

30 Amazing Things I’ve Done

I’ve recently drafted a post of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30. But before I share that post I wanted to put together a list of 30 amazing things I’ve done already.

I hadn’t realised until I was looking over my bucket lists from years gone by, that I’d already achieved a lot of what I had set out to do. I wanted to share some of those achievements.

Got a book deal

I mean, can I start a list like this without mentioning my most exciting news ever! I’ve got a book deal, and last week my cover was revealed across the internet. What Planet Can I Blame This On? is a women’s fiction novel about a woman who throws herself at the mercy of her horoscope after her life falls to shit.

What Planet Can I Blame This On

I attended Pride with a friend

Two years ago I went to Pride in London. Me and my friend Angelize threw on some glitter and hung out by Piccadilly to watch the procession. Music, laughter, and a ton of innuendo. It was fabulous and I can’t wait to go again. It was just like one massive street party.

I’ve danced in the rain in Paris

My best friend Freyja and I went to Paris a few years ago now and we got caught in a massive thunderstorm on our way home from dinner. Instead of rushing into doorways like the rest of Paris did we continued to walk, foregoing the umbrella I bought to get completely soaked. We then proceeded to dance outside our hotel whilst the concierge went and got us towels. It was a brilliant evening in Paris.

Been on BBC Radio Live

I’ve always loved the idea of going on Radio, TV and such and I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited onto BBC Radio 5 Live not once but twice now. Both times were to discuss my zero waste activism and it was a lot of fun.

BBC Radio Five Live

Won an industry award

As someone who enjoys recognition and working towards goals, I was thrilled to have won the London Book Fair Trailblazer Award in early 2020. To win something based on my own career was a really happy moment for me.

Changed my hairstyle (multiple times!)

I seem to change my hairstyle every time I hit a bit of a low point. While at university, I dyed my hair red due to feeling homesick and struggling with the adjustment to uni-living. I cut my hair off after a breakup, and I cut it even more – to the point I was shaving my neck – after a career-low. There’s a bit of pattern for me, but a new hairstyle refreshes me and I enjoy the quick, easy change.

Had a spa day

I’ve had multiple spa days. My mum and I go quite regularly, to the point that we’re recognised by the staff and friends with many of them on Facebook. Self-care is important to both of us, and taking a day to recharge our batteries at the spa and talk through our lives is our preferred method.

Been to New York City (twice)

I went to NYC for my 21st birthday with my dad, brother, and best friend. And then I went again on my own in April 2019. I enjoyed it the first time around, but I’m not the best tourist. I prefer to do things, not in the guidebooks, so the second time I went I did just that.

New York Amazing Things I've Done

Eaten fish and chips on a seaside pier

My best friend went to university in Brighton and I went down several times to visit. Mostly we walked along the pier and the beachfront having a long chat and admiring the dogs. But we also often had chips from the pier. You have to, it’s a Brighton law.

Been whale watching

I went whale watching when I was about eleven years old. My family and I went to Cape Cod in Massachusetts, America, and whilst we were there they booked us on a whale-watching boat. Unbelievably, since it was the end of the season, we saw two humpback whales up close. It was spectacular.

Seen a Shakespeare play in Stratford-Upon-Avon

As a massive Shakespeare fan, when I got the opportunity to take part in the scheme with the Royal Shakespeare Company I was all for it. During the scheme, I not only got the chance to act in Stratford Upon Avon, but I also got to see Sir Patrick Stewart in The Merchant of Venice. It was a very good production, set in a Venetian casino in the modern-day. Very funny, but also very dark.

Seen an Off-Broadway play

I couldn’t afford Broadway, the prices of NYC theatre is insane. Compared to the West End it’s massively over-priced. Instead, I went to an Off-Broadway play of The Puffs, a Harry Potter spin-off about Hufflepuffs. As a proud Hufflepuff, I was very pleased with this choice. Sure it was beyond cheesy and there were about twenty of us in the audience, but it was fun.

Been axe-throwing

In 2019, as a group-bonding exercise with my division at work, we went axe-throwing. Surprisingly I wasn’t bad at it. I hit the bull-eyes first, and although I hit it a second time that was it. I came 4th out of our team overall. But now I know I’d survive a zombie attack at least.

Had professional photos taken

For my freelance work as a writer, I wanted to get some professional photos taken. There are only so many times a selfie of me, taken in front of my bed at university could be used as my main profile picture.

Amazing Things I've Done

Been in the newspaper

I’m very lucky to say that I’ve been in the newspaper multiple times now. Not only have I written for The Telegraph, Huffington Post, Glamour, and more I’ve also previously been in my local newspaper for various projects, family-tree research, and other stories. And still, I get a thrill out of it.

Gone go-karting

For my sister’s hen-do I booked us in to go Go-Karting down in Devon. I have got a license to drive, but it’s nothing compared to Go-Karting, which makes you feel like you’re travelling about 100 miles an hour. I only crashed once, and it was into my sister – the bride – so that wasn’t good. And I came about 6th overall. Out of 7… so not my best skill.

Done a charity walk

My Grandad has dementia and a few years ago, just after he first went into care, I signed up to do a Memory Walk around London. It was a 7-mile walk and I managed to raise over £400 for Dementia Research.

Fed an elephant and giraffe

I’m lucky that there are quite a few conservational zoos around my local area. One of my favourites used to give the opportunity to feed not only the giraffes but also elephants. My sister’s favourite animals are giraffes, but mine are elephants. They’re just so amazing to look at. And really easy to feed. They just pick up the food from your hand and then shove it into their mouths. It’s really sweet.

Danced on the glass floor of the CN Tower in Toronto

My mum will likely shiver when I remind her of this, but I once did the Can-Can on the glass floor of the CN Tower in Toronto. I was six years old and fearless. She, however, not so much.

Bought books in Shakespeare & Co in Paris

It was a requirement for that when me and my bestie went to Paris, that we went to Shakespeare & Co. I ended up buying two books, one by Jeanette Winterson who had stayed at Shakespeare & Co, and another I’ve actually forgotten… I will remember later.

Seen Niagra Falls

On my family holiday to Canada when I was six years old, we also stopped by Niagra Falls. I remember this place very clearly, not because I was impressed but because it was so loud. You stand near the falls and you cannot hear anything. Not to mention you’ll get wet.

Donated blood

Last year, I decided to donate blood for the first time. I’m a universal donor, so my blood can be used for nearly everybody which makes it important to donate as often as I can. I haven’t been able to get back yet, due to COVID and shielding, but as soon as I can I intend to donate again.

Had a drink at a rooftop bar

When I left my role at Canelo, the team and I headed over to Bar Elba which is a rooftop bar opposite Waterloo station. We had many glasses of Prosecco which led to a lot of tears and hugging if I remember correctly. It was a lovely bar if a bit packed.

Been a bridesmaid

I’ve been a bridesmaid now three times. There’s a rhyme that says ‘three times a bridesmaid never a bride’, but apparently I can reverse this curse by catching a bouquet or being a bridesmaid four more times. I’m not that fussed though. I was a bridesmaid for my childhood babysitter, my godmother, and my sister.

Studied my Family Tree back to BC times

I’m very proud to say that I’ve traced my family tree back to B.C. times. I’m lucky that I have two direct lines of my family that were regal and therefore well documented. Both on my dad’s side. My maternal side of the family was very poor, so there’s a lot less documentation about them which makes them harder to trace. It’s been a very interesting journey.

Tried floatation therapy

Last year I was offered the chance to partake in floatation therapy at Floatworks. This is where you float in a sensory deprivation tub filled with saltwater. It’s a form of meditative practice, that I found incredibly relaxing. I would highly recommend it.

Floatation Therapy

Had a paint fight on a beach

For my best friend’s 21st birthday, I went to Brighton with a list of 21 things she had to do that day. Including having a paint fight on Brighton beach. It was a lot of fun, even if we did get a lot of odd stares because of it.

Became a Marketing Manager at 23 years old

Becoming a Marketing Manager in publishing was a big deal for me, but particularly big because I was only twenty-three at the time. Working as a Marketing Manager at a prestigious publishing house was always high on my career wish list, so achieving so early on was an amazing achievement I’m extremely proud of.

Started a blog

Seven years ago I started my first blog and it has grown into EllesBellesNotebook. To say that I’m surprised about my blog still being around is an understatement. I never saw myself as a long-term blogger. But I enjoy it, and I’ll do it for as long as I enjoy it. It basically is just my diary.

There we have it, a list of 30 Amazing Things I’ve Done. What things can you tick off your bucket list so far? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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30 Amazing Things I've Done

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