25 Things I Love

25 Things I Love

25 Things I Love

I was inspired by Grace Latter’s post of 27 things she loves to share a list of 25 things I love. I chose 25, as that’s my age which was the reason for Grace’s original post.

25 Things I Love


Of course, I have to mention Books. As a publisher, writer and reader I live for books.


Writing is my go-to hobby. Not only is it part of my career but it’s my favourite thing to do when I need some downtime. From writing blogs to writing novels, writing letters to write articles. It’s the best way I’ve found to express myself.

Fountain Pens

I have a fountain pen that is insured, that is how much I love it. It’s a LAMY fountain pen and it makes my handwriting feel like proper calligraphy when it’s really just scribbling.


And you can’t use a fountain pen without a notebook! And I have a genuine bookshelf of notebooks. I’m constantly purchasing them, and the cheaper the better for me as I get through them. There’s no point in giving me a fancy notebook as I’ll be done with it in a few weeks.


I listen to audiobooks whenever I can, as I’m often alone and I need background noise. I listen to audiobooks when I’m cooking, cleaning, decorating around the house when I’m on my commute and even when I’m working sometimes.

Charity Shops

I’m a massive bargain hunter, and I love secondhand items. What’s the point in buying something firsthand when it’s available in nearly perfect condition at three-quarters of the price? You can get some amazing things in charity shops, and it’s the perfect past-time.

Interior Design

Home decor and interior design has become a favourite hobby of mine in 2020. Since moving into my larger flat and having a clean slate to work with, I’ve been going all out with decorating. My latest project has been painting my bedroom with an accent wall. Next up is to add the final touches with home decor items.


I’m a chocolate addict. Shamefully so. When we went into Lockdown I had a genuine chocolate stash in my bedroom, as that was my priority when I went into self-isolation.

Lounging in bed

Is there anything better than lounging in bed sometimes? Whether that is a few hours in the morning when you’re comfy but not yet ready to get up and go. Or in the evenings when you just fancy an early night.

Getting commissions

As a freelancer, the biggest high for me is when somebody contacts me about a project. It cuts out the hard bit of actually finding work, and it’s an addictive feeling of validation and trust.

My mum and dad

I’m a proper mummy-and-daddy’s girl. We’re a very tight-knit family and I’m very close to both of my parents.

Winning awards

I don’t believe in false modesty or hiding ambition, I enjoy winning awards. Much like commissions, that feeling of recognition when you win an award is amazing. You can’t beat it.

Teaching others about publishing

Teaching is learning for me. Everyone needs to revisit their skills now and then, and for me, I do that with my #MarketYourMarketing workshops. I want to help others, and at the same time, I continue to develop my own skills.

Binge-watching a series

Recently, I sat down on my sofa and binged-watch The Crown season 4 on Netflix. I haven’t binged a series properly in ages. And I forgot how much I enjoy it.


Much like teaching workshops, I also mentor. I’m very lucky to have some mentees, who are extremely talented and receptive to advice. With a little encouragement, which is all they really need from me, they soar in their respective careers and I love to be a part of that.

Train journey

Whilst most people hate them, I quite enjoy train journeys. I find them quite soothing – except when it comes to busy commuter trains – and it’s part of the reason I love a good staycation over anything else. I get a 3-6 hour train journey to enjoy.

Walking and listening to music

I used to spend my lunch breaks at school walking around and listening to music. Everyone thought I was a weirdo for doing this, and looking back I can see why. But it was my ‘break’, and I find walking relaxing. Particularly when I can’t hear a thing, except some Top 40 tune.

Writing out goals

I’m a big goal-digger. And I love a pun. Having my goals written down, even if they change every day – which they often do. Thanks COVID – I like to have something to work towards.


I’ve been blogging now for nearly seven years. When did that happen?! Much like writing, blogging helps me to express myself and also tell people what’s going on in my life, as I’m a bit (a lot) narcissistic and I want people to know what I’m doing.

Spa Days

My mum and I are spa buddies. And yes, we know how bougie that sounds. We go to the spa together every three months or so, and have even become friends with the staff at the spa. Mental health and self-care is very important to us, and spas are our little treat to ourselves.

Great British Bake Off with the bestie

Every year since moving to London, my best friend and I have watched Great British Bake Off together. This year is the first year we can do our regular pizza and wine nights in person. But, just as we’ve come to the final we’ve managed to Facebook call each other and watch simultaneously. It’s a lot of fun.

Book Club with the Girls

In lockdown, my publishing friends and I started an impromptu book club! It’s still going strong six months later and we’re reading some great books as a result.

Cordless Dyson Hoover

Another bougie item, but recently I treated myself to my first proper adult purchase, by buying a Dyson hoover. But not just any Dyson hoover, a cordless one! It’s a dream. I now enjoy hoovering as a result of it.


Much likes creating goal lists, I also enjoy making mood boards. For me, a relaxing evening is sitting in front of the TV, cutting up magazines and pinning them to a corkboard to display on my desk. I tend to re-do my mood boards every three months, as things change and priorities shift.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

And finally, RuPaul’s Drag Race. I can’t believe I only began watching this series in late 2019. Now I’ve watched every series about eight times. And Drag Race All-Stars twice. My family do not understand my love for it, but it’s stupid and hilarious.

What things do you love? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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25 Things I Love

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