24 Things I'd Like to do in 2024
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24 Things I’d Like to Do in 2024

24 Things I’d Like to Do in 2024

It’s that time of year where I share my hopes for 2024 with a list of 24 things I’d like to do in 2024. From visiting museums to going on holiday. Here are things I’m hoping to do in the New Year.

24 Things I’d Like to Do in 2024

Create a vision board for 2024 ✔

I love a good vision board and this feels like the perfect goal to start off 2024.

Visit the Harry Potter Studios again

I’ve had this on my list for two years and I’ve still not gone back! My friend, Sammy and I, have promised to go with each other in 2024.

Finish editing my novella: OWW

In 2023 I wrote a novella and I really want to build it out into a short novel. It’s a historical fiction and it’s an idea I’ve had for over ten years so I’m really glad I managed to get it down on paper. Now it’s time to edit it!

Conquer my driving anxiety

Driving is not my favourite activity, but in 2023 I took the leap and got a car. However, in 2024 I’m changing from a manual to an automatic car (London driving calls for an automatic!) and I’m hoping to make some longer journeys in 2024.

Get a promotion

By the end of 2024, I’ll have been in my current position for nearly three years so I’m angling for a promotion. So long as I’m happy in my job and continue to put the work in I’ll be playing my part in the decision, but this will ultimately come down to how the year pans out.

Get my nails done

I bite my nails, so I rarely get them done. However, in 2024 I think I will treat myself at some point to a nice manicure.

Keep a journal

I kept a journal in 2023 and I really enjoyed it, so I’m taking this goal with me onto my list of 24 things for 2024.

Watch 10 new films

Watching films is one of my favourite pastimes, and I enjoy completing 30 Movies in 30-Day challenges. I see another challenge in my future and I can’t wait to watch more new movies in 2024. – (List so far: Good Grief)

Host a dinner party

Having friends around and cooking is one of my favourite things that I don’t get to do often. With friends moving out of London and starting families it’s going to become even less frequent. But in 2024 I’d love to host at least one dinner party.

Go to three English Heritage sites

I want to expand my visits to English Heritage sites in 2024. Now I have the car I have no excuse not to visit castles, parks and museums.

Visit the National Portrait Gallery ✔

One of my favourite galleries in the world is the National Portrait Gallery, and yet I still haven’t been back since it re-opened in Summer 2023. I’m making this a priority in 2024.

Go to Europe

I haven’t had a holiday abroad since April 2019 – excluding Disneyland Paris, which barely counts. In 2024 I’d love to go to Italy for the first time, or even return to Paris for a weekend break.

Have a spa weekend

One thing I did a lot less of in 2023 was go to the spa. Such a bougie and privileged thing to say, but I love a good spa trip. It helps me to re-set and relax, not to mention get some reading done. Something I’m looking to re-instate in 2024.

Take a class

I can’t remember the last time I took a class in anything. Something new to try in 2024.

Finish writing GS

Another writing goal. This one is to finish a novel I started in 2023, and I’ve been promising my agent for a few months now… better get to it.

Go to the Lake District

This is a sort of cheat goal as my family and family friends group have just booked a holiday to the Lake District. But I’m excited as I’ve wanted to return to the Lake District for ages!

Visit three UK cities

I loved visiting UK cities in 2023 – York, Liverpool and Manchester – and I want to visit even more cities in 2024. I’m thinking Bath, Durham and perhaps Edinburgh again.

Have dermaplaning treatment

I’ve been meaning to treat myself to something more than just a facial and dermaplaning was recommended to me. It’s not something I ‘need’ but I might treat myself to it in 2024.

Read 50 books

I’m reducing my Goodreads goal quite a lot in 2024. Usually, I aim to read 100 books but as my reading slumps continue I want to reduce the pressure to read a ton and instead focus on what I’m enjoying. So 50 books it is. Still, one book a week, give or take two.

Go to the Savoy for food/cocktails

I’ve been meaning to go to the Savoy for cocktails and/or dinner for ages, but it’s pricey and I’m not sure who would go with me. Maybe I have a solo date to come in the future.

See a play at Shakespeare’s Globe

Another 2023 goal I’m moving into 2024. I’ve never been to the Shakespeare’s Globe and I’d love to see a production in 2024.

Go to another Taste Film experience

I loved seeing Chewith Taste and I’d love to go to another experience in 2024. Ratatouille is coming soon… for £80 I feel like that would be an amazing experience.

Prioritise my health (mental and physical)

A slightly wishy-washy goal, but an important one. In 2024, I want to prioritise my mental and physical health for various reasons. From getting fitter to focusing on my happiness and making decisions about my life going forward.

Have a good year!

And finally, something we all want. I want to have a good year. This is always one that’s hard to pinpoint if I’ve been successful or not, but it’s not about success so much as trying.

What are 24 things you’d like to do in 2024? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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24 Things I'd Like to do in 2024

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