23 Things I'd Like to Do in 2023 | 6 Month Check-In
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23 Things I’d Like to Do in 2023 | 6 Month Check-In

23 Things I’d Like to Do in 2023 | 6 Month Check-In

As we’re almost halfway through the year I thought I would do a 6 month check-in, into my list of 23 things I’d like to do in 2023.

First though, a reminder of the 23 things I’d like to do in 2023.

23 Things I’d like to do in 2023

  • Write my 8th book
  • Get a new book deal
  • Go to my first stadium concert
  • Have a spa weekend
  • Have a Eurovision Party
  • Go abroad
  • Visit The Cauldron
  • See Moulin Rogue
  • Go back to the Harry Potter studios
  • Go to Floatworks
  • Write in a diary
  • See a show at the Royal Shakespeare Company
  • Visit the London Metropolitan Archive
  • Travel to three more cities in the UK, excluding London
  • Read 100 books
  • Save £5000 in 2023
  • Visit Kew Gardens
  • Visit x3 new books by favourite authors
  • Edit My Mr Keats
  • Visit x3 Museums or Galleries
  • Complete x6 30 Day Challenges
  • Have an enjoyable year

Out of the 23 things I’d like to do, so far I have managed: 5

Things I’ve done in 2023

Have a spa weekend

Technically I have done this, but I should really only give myself a half point. I went to Stratford-Upon-Avon with the intention of staying in the spa all day. But it was such a lovely day I only stayed in the spa in the morning. I may well get another spa weekend in the diary throughout 2023 – I do love a weekend dedicated to doing nothing!

See Moulin Rouge 

In January 2023, I took my best friend to see Moulin Rouge in the West End. We even sat in the Can-Can seats right at the front of the stage. I can’t say the seats were particularly comfortable but it was still a decent show. Not quite the same as the movie, but enjoyable nevertheless.

Write in a Diary

Although there are still 6 months to go, I’ve managed to write in a diary every night since the New Year.

See a show at the Royal Shakespeare Company

In addition to my spa trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon, I also managed to return to the theatre and saw a production of Julius Caesar. It was a new Shakespeare play for me, and my first historical play. I’d say it was a 3-star production, but still, one I can tick off the list.

Visit Kew Gardens

In April 2023, I visited Kew Gardens for the first time with my parents. It was the first properly sunny day of Spring and we got some gorgeous photos of the Palm House and Temperate House. We ran out of time to do Kew Palace so I’ll have to go back, but it was still a lovely day.

I think I’ll be able to tick off at least 3 more activities in the next few weeks as I’m off to a Eurovision party in a few weeks, then I’m off the Manchester to attend a stadium concert, and when I’m in Manchester I can tick off visiting three cities as I’ll have been to Warwickshire, York and Manchester in 2023.

Lots more to do though. Will I manage it? We’ll have to wait a few more months to find out.

What’s on your list of things to do in 2023? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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23 Things I'd Like to Do in 2023 | 6 Month Check-In

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