22 Things to do in Summer 2022

22 Things to do in Summer 2022

22 Things to do in Summer 2022

Summer is officially upon us. Look at this weather we’re currently having in the UK. Today I thought I would share a list of 22 things do to in summer 2022. From the simple to the sublime.

22 Things to do in Summer 2022

  • Eat ice cream from an ice cream van

From a 99 – otherwise known as a £1.50 Mr Whippy – to a White Chocolate Magnum. When you hear the sound of the ice cream van, head outside for an afternoon treat.

  • Have a picnic with friends

Chop up some salad, grab a pot of cocktail sausages, pack up some beers and find a blanket. Throw a picnic in the local park or in your backyard, or balcony if you’re in London. Just remember bug spray and bin bags.

During the summer there’s usually at least one boat, park, or business throwing a drive-in or outdoor movie showing. Typical film fare includes Dirty Dancing, Pretty Women, and Romeo + Juliet.

  • Go to the beach

A classic, but a fan-favourite for a reason. Be it a sandy or pebble beach, walking along a beach during summer is a must.

  • Go foraging

Being in the UK there are plenty of blackberry bushes around to forage for some delicious summer fruit. So long as you never dig up or remove a plant on public land, and you know what you’re doing – don’t just pick up and eat any mushrooms or berries – then why not try foraging. It’s not just berries, there are also plenty of herb plants around from fennel to rosemary, seaweed to blackberries.

  • Attend an outdoor theatre show

If you’re in London there are plenty of outdoor theatre shows this summer, but usually, local heritage sites will play host to traveling performance troupes.

  • Paint pottery

A relaxing summer past-time, usually with a ‘bring-your-own-beer’ rule if you go in the evenings.  I love a bit of pottery painting with friends.

  • Swim in an outdoor pool

Find your nearest outdoor lido and run! Swimming outdoors is one of the best things to do during the summer, just remember to wear suncream – particularly on your face!

  • Go to a theme park

Be it Thorpe Park, a fun fair theme park or head abroad to Disneyland Paris. Theme parks in summer are a traditional family past-time.

  • Visit a National Trust site

I love a bit of heritage and history, and most National Trust sites run a fantastic array of summer activities for kids and adults alike.

  • Make a jar of Pimms

Invite some friends – or a friend – round and make up a jar of Pimms with fresh fruit and some sprigs of mint. It’s delicious, and refreshing and makes for the perfect beverage to have a good gossip with friends.

  • Try a new street food

Being in London we are spoilt with choice when it comes to street food. My personal favourite are the food markets during the weekday around Waterloo and Southwark. I’ve had the most delicious Thai and authentic Spanish paella walking those streets.

  • Go to a car boot sale or flea market

Hackney is brilliant for a flea market and a car boot sale. If you’re prepared to get up early and are not afraid to haggle, you can grab a bargain.

  • Have an afternoon tea with friends

Even after the Jubilee, an afternoon tea with friends is still a joy. Scones, cornish cream, and some jam (top or bottom, up to you), and you’re away.

  • Host a movie night

I love a movie night. Usually, with an order from Dominoes, some prosecco, and a hit list of movies to choose from.

  • Ride a bike

I used to love riding a bike when I visited Center Parcs. It’s been a while, but you can always rent a bike in London and head to the parks instead. Just get there early, as they’ll be gone by 9 am.

  • Take a road trip

An American-inspired classic. Just in the car with friends, or on your own, ramp up the music and head out into the world. You don’t have to go far if you don’t want to, just get out and see and the country.

  • Make cocktails

Be it at a class or at your friend’s house, get all the ingredients you want and make some delicious cocktails this summer. Just drink water in between.

  • Go to a water park

My personal favourite – and it’s not technically a water park – is the Hever Castle Water Maze, but there are genuine water parks in the UK that are great to take the kids for a day.

  • Read a book outside

Get a tan and nurture your mind. Read a book outside! Simple and a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

  • Be a tourist for the day

Use a day to be a tourist in your city, town, or village. Take photos for a scrapbook, make a list of ten places or things you’ve never seen and go exploring.

  • Ride a Ferris wheel

And finally, ride a Ferris wheel. Most towns get a visiting funfair every summer and there is always a Ferris wheel. It is a staple and a brilliant part of summer.

And that is my list of 22 things to do in summer 2022? What are you going to do first? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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22 Things to do in Summer 2022

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