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22 Things I’d Like to Do in 2022

22 Things I’d Like to Do in 2022

Here is a list of 22 things I’d like to do in 2022, from theatre trips to learning new things. I’m hoping that 2022 is a better year than 2021.

Visit three National Trust sites

I really want to go to Kew Gardens, but I also want to revisit The Tower of London and other National Trust sites around the UK. Hopefully this year I can finally get back to embracing history and culture again.

Go to the gym ✔

With two weddings, a hen do and a holiday this year I could do with getting a bit fitter. So back to the gym I go.

Go to Secret Cinema ✔

In March I’ve got tickets to see Bridgerton at Secret Cinema with friends from work. I’m really looking forward to experiencing a Secret Cinema for the first time.

Complete a course

Whether it’s an online course, a development course at work, or something I sign up for outside of both I really want to keep learning in 2022.

Go to Disneyland Paris ✔

Let’s try this again, 3rd time lucky. We’ve rebooked my 25th Birthday trip for my 27th instead… let’s see if we actually manage to get there in 2022.

Read 100 books

I set my previous reading goal as 101 and was going to increase by one book each year, but I’ve decided that 100 books a year is still nearly 2 books a week and that’s enough for me.

Write another novel ✔

I haven’t done much writing this year and I want to change that. Next year I’m going to write another novel.

See a Shakespeare play at the Globe

I still haven’t been to see a Shakespeare play performed at the Globe. How? I’m a Shakespeare fan (once an actress!) and I work near a Shakespeare Globe, yet have never been.

Go to a drag show/brunch ✔

As a massive fan of drag culture, I would love to see a Drag Show or go to a drag brunch, in or outside of London.

Complete three 30 day challenges

I could do with doing another no-spend challenge, potentially another reading challenge. And it might be fun to do a brand new 30-day challenge in 2022 as well.

Do something for charity

Whether it be another Memory Walk or volunteering, I want to do something for charity in 2022.

Go back to Harry Potter Studios

I still haven’t seen Gringotts at the Harry Potter studios, so I’m definitely heading over there in 2022.

Update my wardrobe ✔

I haven’t gone properly clothes shopping in a while, and a lot of my clothes from pre-pandemic no longer fit me. So I need to update my wardrobe in 2022.

Go to a concert ✔

My mum bought me and my sister tickets for ABBA. This will be my first concert in over 10 years…

Get a new haircut ✔

I was growing my hair in 2020 for my sister’s wedding and then in 2021, I kept it short but neat for her second wedding in early 2022. As soon as she’s married in front of friends and family I am dyeing it and doing something different. I just don’t know what yet.

Do a talk at my old school ✔

I’ve been in touch with my school about doing talks with their writing and drama students, to discuss my journey from school to career.

Donate blood ✔

I’ve been meaning to donate blood for ages, but every time I book an appointment I have to cancel it for some reason: lockdown, work, travel issues etc.

Take driving lessons for an automatic car

I technically have my driver’s license, having passed my test five years ago. But I’ve never driven since, and I’ve decided when I do drive again I want to drive an automatic, preferably electric car. So it’s time to get back behind the wheel.

Have an all-inclusive mini-break

I could do with a break in 2022, and it would be fantastic if I could have an all-inclusive break somewhere. Even if that means an expensive weekend away at a restaurant or a Center Parcs trip with family. I’m all in.

Eat at a Michelin Star restaurant

I still want to eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant, but it’s been hard finding someone to go with me as it can get pretty pricey.

Get a drink at the American Bar in the Savoy

Sounds extremely fancy, but I’d love to get a cocktail at the American Bar in the Savoy. Maybe after one of my National Trust days out or after a show.

Foster some more cats

In 2021, I fostered Bella and her four kittens for my friend’s Cat Cafe. I would love to foster another cat or litter. Whether for the cat cafe or for a local shelter.

That’s everything on my list: 22 things I’d like to do in 2022. If I manage at least half of them I’ll be happy. But what’s on your list? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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