20 Experiences to have in 2020
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20 Experiences I Want to Have in 2020

20 Experiences I Want to Have in 2020

I am big on plans. I made my best friend do her next five-year plan on her 25th birthday. Something she wasn’t thrilled about, as it reminded her that she only had five years left of her twenties. Sorry Freyja. In 2020 I have a lot of ideas for the experiences I want to try.

This is not my New Year’s Resolutions – they come at the beginning of the year after I reflect on the past year. This is more of a to-do list. If I can do these experiences in 2020 that would be great. If not, it’s not going the end of the world.

Recently – when trying floatation therapy at Floatworks – I was left thinking about what it was that I wanted to do next year since I’ve done so many amazing things in 2019. What’s left?

20 Experiences I Want to Have in 2020

Turns out there are quite a lot of experiences I want to have. But for the sake of this post, and the year, I’ve decided to list 20 experiences I want to have in 2020.

Goat Yoga

Yes, you read this right. Yoga with goats. I have little interest in yoga – I maintain it is just a lesson in holding in a fart – but I love goats. So this sounds fantastic to me. There’s a farm that hosts Goat Yoga for adults in Devon, so I think I might be taking myself off for a little trip in 2020.

Visit Europe

I might as well make the most of Europe while Britain is in the EU. Who knows when we’re leaving? I would quite like to visit Poland, Denmark, France, and Italy. Maybe even Spain. Not sure. Anywhere really. I’ve only visited America so it would be great to be a little adventurous in 2020.

Get an ASMR Facial

I am an ASMR fan, not the role-plays (just a little too weird) but I have certain triggers like page-turning and crinkling that I find quite soothing. In London, an aesthetician is offering the first-ever ASMR Facial and quite frankly it sounds amazing. I love a good facial at the best of times but I feel ASMR could elevate it to that next level of relaxation.

Go to Disney

For my 25th birthday, I am planning a quarter-life crisis – told you I’m big on planning – so me and my friends are off to Disneyland Paris! Alcohol, Mickey Mouse and Me… what could go wrong?

Do the Behind the Seams Tour at Warner Bros Studios

I love the Warner Bros Studio tour, it’s my happy place. So when I saw they have a new feature called Behind the Seams where you have an hour-long talk about the costumes, and even get a chance to try on an authentic Hogwarts robe, I thought why not?!

Have a Bottomless Brunch ✔ – in 2021

Strangely I’ve had a bottomless brunch as part of a work event but I’ve never done one with friends. The irony of getting drunk at 11 am with my boss but not my friends?! How does that work? Anyway, I think 2020 is the year to set this straight.

Take a British Sign Language Course

I used to know a bit of sign language, and I can do my alphabet, but I can’t hold a conversation. It’s a skill I miss having and I would love to take a course or some lessons to get it back.

Visit the Vagina Museum in London ✔

This place just sounds so cool, and honestly who wouldn’t want to visit the first Vagina Museum in the world? Celebrating the genitalia of women all over the world I think this is a very important museum, for something that should be talked about more and understood the world over!

Go to Secret Cinema

I should have tried to see Romeo & Juliet when it was on at Secret Cinema, but I missed that opportunity. Ever since I’ve been hoping to go but none of the Movies/TV picks is my favourites. Here’s hoping they choose a good film for the next run.

Try three classes at the Gym

I’ve never actually tried a class at a gym. I tend to stick to the machines I know how to operate and then leave. Gym and exercising have never been my forte but I’ve recently signed up for one, thanks to a perk of my job, and I’m determined to try a few classes this time.

Go to Dans Le Noir ✔ – in 2021

Ever since I watched About Time I’ve wanted to go to Dans Le Noir and experience eating in the dark. Also, to maybe fall in love. But that’s probably pushing it.

Have Dinner in an Igloo at Coppa Club

I’ve always wanted to dine in one of these igloos at the Coppa Club but they’re always sold out by the time I sign up. This year is going to be the year I eat here.

Visit the Phoenix Garden ✔

Ever since I saw Last Christmas I’ve been desperate to find the garden that features in the movie and I have! It’s opposite one of my favourite stores in London, so how I never knew it was there, is astounding to me.

Be on TV

This last year has been a brilliant year for me and my career. I was on BBC Radio twice, I wrote for major publications in both newspaper and magazine form and I’ve progressed with my novel-writing career. The one thing I didn’t do was appear on TV. I’ve got some interesting projects coming in 2020 so we’ll see what happens, but TV seems like the logical next step in my career.

Read 100 Books ✔

Each year I set myself a reading goal and add ten books. This year I’ve finally reached my limit of 100 books a year, including re-reads. Thank god for my job as I have an unlimited supply of books to get started with.

Get a new piercing

I’ve been wanting to get a new piercing for a while, not anywhere extravagant, just another one on my ear. My friend said she would take me to get it done as I have no idea where piercings are done besides Claire’s Accessories.

Write a Non-Fiction Book

I’ve written four fiction novels and this year I think it’s time I start a non-fiction one. It sounds like an interesting new project and something I’ve been toying with for a little while, ever since I started my freelance journalism career.

Speak at another Event ✔

In 2019 I did my first-ever event to speak about social media for Funzing. I followed this up by speaking on a panel about side hustling. I would love to do more public speaking engagements in the New Year.

Going on a Spa Holiday

I would really love a relaxing holiday doing nothing but that: relaxing. A Spa holiday would be perfect. Massages, swimming pools, saunas, and steam rooms complete with a Kindle full of books. That would be perfect.

Be a Bridesmaid ✔

My sister is going to be married in October and I’m going to be the bridesmaid, so I guess this one is already in the bag. I haven’t been a bridesmaid since I was 7 years old so this will be the first time in a while and I’m looking forward to it.

What experiences do you want to have in 2020? Let me know in the comments below. The more experiences the better.

Love Ellie x

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20 Experiences to Have in 2020

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