15 Twitter Accounts Publishing Hopefuls

15 Twitter Accounts Publishing Hopefuls Should Follow

15 Twitter Accounts Publishing Hopefuls Should Follow

If you’re a publishing hopeful looking for advice, active links to find an entry-level job, or simply some people to network with I’ve got you! Here at 15 Twitter Accounts publishing hopefuls should follow. From active publishing professionals to newsletters and publishing hopeful communities.

Ain Chiara

Ain is a publishing professional with a blog, YouTube channel, and supportive Instagram account with lots of resources for Publishing Hopefuls. She’s super lovely and well worth reaching out to and following on Twitter to keep up to date with any new resources she shares.

The Publishing Post

Chelsea Graham started The Publishing Post a while back to help publishing hopefuls understand the publishing industry, as well as network with other publishing hopefuls, and work with her on upskilling by creating the e-magazine. It’s a great fortnightly magazine packed full of information. If you haven’t signed up for the magazine you really should! And follow The Publishing Post on Twitter to keep up to date with any new opportunities or new resources.

That Publishing Blog

Carl is an editor at Severn House and runs That Publishing Blog on the side. This Twitter account shares job news, blog posts on writing CVs and Cover Letters, as well as being truly supportive of publishing hopefuls.


My favourite Twitter account when I was a publishing hopeful was @pubInterns. They regularly share internships, graduate schemes, and entry-level jobs, as well as calling out the industry on things like lack of salary awareness and unpaid internship schemes. The community is great and many of them stick around long after getting jobs in the industry, so also a great place to Network.

The Slumbering Slothcast

If you love podcasts and want to learn more about individual roles in publishing then you need to follow Emma’s podcast, The Slumbering Slothcast. She releases a new episode every Monday and has a backlist of great episodes to catch up on.

Sam Missingham

Sam has been christened the most connected person in publishing. There isn’t a person in the publishing industry who hasn’t met Sam Missingham. Her account is now private, so be sure to include ‘Publishing Hopeful’ or something to do with ‘books’ in your bio for a follow. She also runs Lounge Books.

The Bookseller

Of course, a staple in the publishing industry is The Bookseller the industry newspaper full of articles about the latest news, signings, and trends. They also share their latest jobs – with a special account called @JobsInBooks – and upcoming events.


BookBrunch is very similar to The Bookseller but it’s an online newspaper. It’s a paid-for subscription so most of the articles are locked, however, you can still get a lot from the Twitter account. From the latest goings-on, events, and upcoming jobs.

Publishers Association

The Publisher’s Association is like a union website for publishers with tons of news and resources for entry-level publishers. During #WorkInPublishing week in November, which they spearhead, they release great content so well worth following them now.

Atwood Tate

Atwood Tate is a publishing recruitment agency, which works on the Kickstart Scheme so lots of great entry-level jobs are on offer at the moment – which they share via their Twitter account. They also have a blog with tons of content for publishing hopefuls from CVs and Cover Letter tips, to how to dress for an interview.

Inspired Selection

Inspired is another publishing recruitment agency. They attend a lot of events and share lots of news via their Twitter account along with their latest jobs. The team is great and worth reaching out to on Twitter for friendly advice and networking.

Sharmaine Lovegrove

Sharmaine is a Publisher at Dialogue Books and an inspiration within the publishing community. She often writes for the Bookseller, shares insightful thoughts and arguments about the industry and is generally just a good egg within the publishing world.

Which Twitter accounts would you recommend publishing hopefuls follow? Let me know in the comments below. And I hope you found this post helpful. For further publishing resources please check out the Publishing Hopefuls Toolkit.

Love Ellie x

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Twitter Accounts Publishing Hopefuls

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