15 Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow

15 Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow

15 Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow

As a lifestyle, career, and book blogger I love to look at other blogs within my niches for inspiration and to stay motivated. Today I thought I would share a list of 15 lifestyle bloggers to follow.

What lifestyle bloggers would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below. And if you’re a blogger let me know! I’m always after more blogs to follow.

If a blog has * next to the name, they are no longer active as of January 2023.

15 Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow

Gwennan Rees*

I’ve been reading Gwennan’s blog since it was called Twenty Something Meltdown, I’ve also advertised with her before. As a freelancer and illustrator, her blog is very aesthetically pleasing and contains content on Bullet Journal, her recent wedding (congrats Gwennan!), and her home decor.

The Curvaceous Vegan

Ami creates tons of amazing content about skincare, mental health, lifestyle, and more. I guarantee there is a blog post on here that you will connect with.

Almost Amazing Grace

Grace truly is amazing, and so is her blog! She does amazing work for body self-confidence and mental health. She is also creative as hell and very funny, so reading her blog is always a delight.

Eleanor Graceful

Not only does Eleanor have a great name (big up the Eleanor’s!) but also has a fantastic blog. I can scroll through it for hours! From tips on her to add the personal touch to a wedding to a little 5-minute blog post on thoughts and feelings. There are some really posts to read.

Emily May

Emily is an interior designer and so her blog is full of great home decor tips. As someone who recently moved it’s been great to refer back to. Also, she posts on eco-friendly products, and as a zero-waste activist, that’s right up my street!

Girl Gone Dreamer

Justine’s blog covers a lot of topics due to the many contributed and collaborative posts she shares, but they are always interesting and worth the read. Covering topics from rentals, weddings, plastic surgery, and mental health… there’s a ton of information to be found here.

Emily Underworld

Emily’s blog is a treasure box of great posts, she has a very broad spectrum but everything still feels very personal to her. I really enjoy the authentic side of her blog.

Jess Who*

Jess’s blog is great if you’re interested in developing your career or personal brand. Her posts are really motivational and helpful. She also has a fab podcast about co-working that is definitely worth a listen.

Merry Musing now Midsize Steph

Steph is a great writer and is fab at bringing a smile to my face. She posts monthly musings and great tips on productivity, feminism, and ageing.

A Girl on a Journey

Rosie’s blog just pulls you right in. She is a midwife and her blogs on her career are really interesting, particularly now during a global pandemic! Her lifestyle posts are also fab, reflecting on fun days out (awe-throwing really is fun!) and her wedding plans.

Life in a Breakdown

A very apt name for a blog right now! Sarah not only writes about the current lockdown, she’s also been around a while! Her blog contains posts on money management to handling physical and mental illness.

Holly Goes Lightly*

I’ve been following Holly for years, I even won one of her giveaways way back when for a feminist book! She has some great posts on freelancing as well as her lifestyle content, as well as a podcast!

Hello, Terri Lowe

Terri’s blog is hella-professional and full of content! From money tips, advice on your next MOT, and lots of self-care. Perfect reading for right now.

The LDN Diaries

Since I’m based in London – normally, anyway! – this lifestyle blogger is perfect for giving me ideas of what to do on weekends. I particularly love their ‘7 things to do in…’ posts about places like Greenwich and West London.


And last, but not least is Charlotte-Nichole. I’ve been loving her interior design trends posts lately, once again because of the move! But her lifestyle posts are great, and she’s just started a lockdown diary as well.

Can’t wait to find some new blogs to read! Don’t forget to comment your links down below.

Love Ellie x

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15 Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow

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