101 Things To Do in 1001 Days | 3rd Edition

101 Things To Do in 1001 Days | 3rd Edition

101 Things To Do in 1001 Days | 3rd Edition

Unbelievably it’s time for the third 101 things to do in 1001 days challenge.  The second edition of the challenge finished a few days ago, and I managed to achieve 39 things on the list. I was down on my first attempt where I managed 48 out of the 101. So let’s see how I do from 2024 to 2026.

First things first, what’s on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days this time?

Start Date: 23rd March 2024

End Date: 19th December 2026

Health & Fitness

  1. Lose a stone
  2. Donate blood at least five times
  3. Do exercise at least once a week
  4. Walk 10k steps a day for one month
  5. Give up soft drinks for one month
  6. Lower my cholesterol
  7. Play a team sport with friends
  8. Decrease my BMI by 5
  9. Give up coffee for a month


  1. Get a promotion
  2. Give three talks on publishing/writing (x1 Northern Lights Writers Conference)
  3. Volunteer on an MA course and/or alumni event
  4. Publish three articles as a freelance journalist
  5. Earn £10,000 more than I did in December 2023
  6. Start a freelance business
  7. Get nominated as a Bookseller Rising Star
  8. Work on a book/in a team that wins a Nibbie
  9. Take a sabbatical
  10. Be paid for a speaking engagement
  11. Go to the Nibbies


  1. Write three new novels
  2. Edit OWW
  3. Get a UK book deal
  4. Have a launch party
  5. Be on a panel as an author and/or publisher
  6. Draft my novel DWBH
  7. Go on a writing retreat
  8. Write three short stories
  9. Be on a panel with another author
  10. Attend a book festival as an author


  1. Visit three new UK cities
  2. Travel to Florence & Rome
  3. Visit Hill Top in the Lake District
  4. Have a spa weekend
  5. Spend a weekend in Paris
  6. Visit the ABBA museum in Sweden
  7. Have my eye photographed in Amsterdam
  8. Return to Edinburgh
  9. Go book shopping in Hey-on-Wye
  10. Travel on a sleeper train
  11. Visit another heritage railway
  12. Visit five museums in London
  13. Go to Center Parcs

Food & Drink

  1. Have lunch at Quaglindos
  2. Have lunch or dinner at Inamo
  3. Have a cocktail at the American Bar in the Savoy
  4. Eat at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant at the Savoy
  5. Try ten new recipes from TikTok
  6. Don’t get takeout (inc lunches!) for one month
  7. Add my ten favourite recipes to my recipe folder
  8. Have a dinner party with friends
  9. Make fresh pasta
  10. Cook sausage rolls for the team at Christmas
  11. Make butter from scratch
  12. Try 10 new recipes


  1. Read 200 books
  2. Read ten classic novels
  3. Read two new Charles Dickens novels
  4. Review ten books on Amazon, Goodreads and/or Waterstones
  5. Do a quarterly cull of at least ten books
  6. Shop at Words on the Water
  7. Read (or attempt to read!) War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
  8. Collect ten more William Shakespeare’s plays in Oxford World Classics editions
  9. Listen to one hundred audiobooks
  10. Visit five new bookshops


  1. Go to a Rage Room
  2. Go back to the Harry Potter Studios
  3. Go pottery painting
  4. Visit three Art Galleries
  5. Visit three Museums
  6. Visit three English Heritage sites
  7. See the Christmas Lights at Eltham Palace and/or Kew Gardens
  8. Take a road trip with friends
  9. Create a Spotify list for each season
  10. Do another Memory Walk for charity
  11. Get my nails done
  12. Get red/green tinsel in my hair for Christmas
  13. See a play at Shakespeare’s Globe
  14. Watch ten classic films
  15. Do another escape room

Home & Personal

  1. Do something to celebrate my 30th Birthday
  2. Conquer my driving anxiety
  3. Do a three+ hour drive in/to an area I don’t know
  4. Journal for a year
  5. Paint a room in my flat
  6. Tidy and use my garden
  7. Get a floor-to-ceiling cat climber for Puck
  8. Buy furniture for a house


  1. Save £500 a month for at least six months
  2. Have £15,000 in savings
  3. Get a mortgage
  4. Get my full Lifetime ISA bonus twice
  5. Complete a No-Spend Day every month
  6. Invest my money
  7. Hire an accountant

Blog & Social

  1. Grow my Instagram by 500 followers
  2. Hit 5000 TikTok followers ✔
  3. Start and maintain a Substack
  4. Grow my Mailchimp and/or Substack newsletter by 250 subscribers
  5. Complete my 30 by 30 list
  6. Post on TikTok once a day for 30 days

Have you ever attempted a 101 things in 1001 days challenge? Let me know in the comments below. And good luck if you attempt it!

Love Ellie x

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101 Things To Do in 1001 Days | 3rd Edition

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