100 Blogmas Post Ideas
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100 Blogmas Post Ideas

100 Blogmas Post Ideas

It’s the 1st December and that means it is officially time for Blogmas! To kick things off, I thought I would share a list of 100 Blogmas Post Ideas. This is a perennial post for all those in need of ideas in 2020 and in the future. Enjoy.

100 Blogmas Post Ideas

Gift Posts

  1. Secret Santa presents under £10
  2. The perfect gifts to buy your mum/dad/partner this Christmas
  3. Top 10 Gifts for Fans of Harry Potter/Disney 
  4. Last Minute Gift Guide
  5. Stocking Fillers under £5
  6. The Top 5 Christmas Gifts I’ve Received
  7. My Christmas Wish List for 2020

Food Posts

  1. My Favourite Christmas dishes
  2. Share a Christmas Recipe
  3. What to do with Christmas Day leftovers 
  4. What’s on my Groceries Order for Christmas 
  5. Best Supermarket Deals this Christmas
  6. 7 Christmas snack ideas 
  7. Christmas Themed Baking 

Mental Health Posts

  1. How to deal with Christmas Stress in 2020
  2. Top 10 Self-Care Tips for Christmas 
  3. How to Deal with the In-Laws this Christmas
  4. How to prioritise your Mental Health this Christmas 
  5. What to do when the Festive Blues hit
  6. How to Stay Healthy this Christmas

Film, Music & TV Posts

  1. Best Christmas Movies on Netflix/Sky/Amazon
  2. The Best/Worst Christmas Movies 
  3. What’s on TV this Christmas
  4. My Christmas Playlist
  5. Songs that get me in the Christmas Spirit
  6. Top 5 Christmas Movies to Watch with Children

Money Posts

  1. How to budget for Christmas 
  2. How to save money on Christmas presents 
  3. Where to Shop for a Christmas bargain
  4. How to DIY Christmas decorations
  5. Save money post-Christmas with these hacks 

Shopping Posts

  1. Top 10 Christmas Homeware Bargains
  2. Where to buy affordable Christmas decorations
  3. How to Survive Christmas Shopping
  4. Worst/Best Christmas Jumpers of 2020
  5. Christmas Product Review
  6. Best Christmas Sales in 2020
  7. 6 Christmas Pyjamas sets for Christmas Eve

Blogging Post

  1. How to organise your Blogmas Posts this Christmas
  2. Top Ten Blog Posts from 2020
  3. Highlights of 2020
  4. Goals for Christmas 2020
  5. New Blogs I Discovered in 2020
  6. My Top 5 Blog Posts in 2020
  7. How to start a blog in 2021

Book Post

  1. Best Christmas Books to Read in 2020
  2. My Favourite Books of 2020
  3. Bookish Naughty and Nice Book Tag
  4. Top 5 Books to Read with Children this Christmas 
  5. Bookish Wish List for Christmas 
  6. December TBR List for Christmas 2020
  7. Favourite Christmas Poetry Collections

Christmas Posts

  1. 7 Things I Love about Christmas
  2. My Christmas Traditions
  3. Share a Christmas memory
  4. Top 5 Christmas markets 
  5. Why Christmas is the Best/Worst Holiday
  6. What I’m thankful for this Christmas
  7. Top 10 Christmas Scents 
  8. Day in the Life | Christmas Day Edition
  9. Christmas Day Bucket List
  10. My Dream Christmas Day is…
  11. What I Got for Christmas 2020

Lifestyle Posts

  1. Best Make-Up Looks for Christmas 2020
  2. What to do with unwanted Christmas Gifts 
  3. 3 Cosmetic/Hair/Skincare products I’m taking in 2021
  4. My Winter Skincare Routine 
  5. Christmas Outfits for any occasion
  6. What’s in my Bag, Festive Edition
  7. Top 5 Christmas Candles 
  8. How to have a Hygge Christmas
  9. My New Years Resolutions

Charity Posts

  1. 5 Ways I’m Giving Back this Christmas
  2. How to help those less fortunate this Christmas
  3. Charities to donate to this Christmas 
  4. How to Volunteer over Christmas 
  5. Highlight a local charity’s festive work 

Drink Posts

  1. Christmas Movie Drinking Games 
  2. How to make Mulled Wine 
  3. My Favourite Christmas Cocktail recipe
  4. What’s in my Festive Hangover Kit
  5. Top 5 Wines/Beers/Spirits for Christmas Day 

Work Posts

  1. How to Survive the Office Christmas Party
  2. Christmas Desk Tour 
  3. Share an Office Christmas Party Horror Story 
  4. How to inject more Christmas spirit to the office
  5. 5 Outfits to wear to the Office Christmas Party
  6. 7 Tips to Avoid Christmas Burn Out 

Home Decor Posts

  1. My Christmas Decorations 
  2. Christmas House Tour
  3. Top 5 Christmas Bedding Sets 
  4. My Christmas Table Layout
  5. Share a story behind a Christmas decoration 
  6. My Favourite Christmas Decoration

Travel Posts

  1. Best Winter Getaways
  2. 7 Christmas Staycation Tips 
  3. Where to go on Holiday this Christmas
  4. International Christmas Traditions I Love 
  5. Your Travel Wish List for the New Year

And there we have it. 100 Blogmas Post Ideas! Which ones are you most looking forward to sharing? Let me know in the comments below. Merry Christmas.

Love Ellie x

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100 Blogmas Post Ideas


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