100 Blogmas and BookTok Ideas
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100 Blogmas and BookTok Ideas

100 Blogmas and BookTok Ideas

To kick off Blogmas 2021, I wanted to share a post for 100 Blogmas and BookTok ideas. A perennial favourite to kick off Blogmas.

Blogmas Post Ideas

  1. A List of Blogmas Post Ideas
  2. Christmas TBR
  3. Christmas Movies to Watch
  4. Favourite Christmas Reads
  5. Christmas Movie Drinking Games
  6. Gift Guides for {fill in the blank}
  7. Christmas Cocktail recipe
  8. Best/Worst Christmas Jumpers
  9. Where to Buy Affordable Christmas Decor
  10. Christmas Party Outfit Ideas
  11. Make-up looks for Christmas
  12. Christmas Pudding/Mince Pie Recipe
  13. Your Favourite Things About Christmas
  14. Highlights of the Year
  15. Holiday Bucket List
  16. Top Ten Christmas Traditions
  17. Favourite Christmas Playlist
  18. Best Christmas Markets in the UK
  19. Day in the Life of a Christmas Shopper
  20. How to Plan an Easy Christmas
  21. Budget Christmas Presents/Decor Ideas
  22. DIY Christmas Advent Calendar
  23. Your Christmas Wishlist
  24. Stocking Fillers under £10
  25. Secret Santa Gift Ideas
  26. Favourite Holiday Fragrances
  27. Christmas Book Tag i.e. The End of the Year Book Tag
  28. Review of Christmas Products
  29. Favourite Christmas Candles
  30. Last Minute Gift Ideas
  31. How to Have a Zero Waste Christmas
  32. Winter Skincare Routine
  33. Favourite Childhood Christmas Memories
  34. New Years Resolutions
  35. Christmas Self Care Day
  36. Favourite Holiday Drinks
  37. Things To Do on Snow Days
  38. Decorating a Gingerbread House
  39. DIY Christmas Card Ideas
  40. Favourite Winter Lipsticks
  41. Christmas Bullet Journal Pages
  42. Top Ten Christmas Day Outs
  43. Best Christmas Books for Adults
  44. Best Christmas Books for Children
  45. How to Save Money for Christmas
  46. How to Have a Hygge Christmas
  47. Ways to Volunteer This Christmas
  48. Best Winter Getaways
  49. Favourite LUSH products for Christmas
  50. How to Avoid Festive Blues

BookTok Post Ideas

  1. Top Five Christmas Reads
  2. Best Christmas Books to Read with Children
  3. Decorate Your Bookshelf for Christmas
  4. Christmas Books to Read Based on their Aesthetics
  5. Christmas Books to Add to your TBR
  6. Romantic Christmas Reads
  7. Historical Christmas Reads
  8. Christmas TBR
  9. Books on my Amazon Wishlist
  10. Five Books to Read if you like Love, Actually
  11. Christmas Book Haul
  12. Young Adult Christmas Books
  13. Christmas Book Collection
  14. Beautiful Books To Gift for Christmas
  15. 12 Days of Christmas Book Tag
  16. Short Books To Read This Christmas
  17. Eight Books To Read If You Love/Hate Christmas
  18. Favourite Christmas Quotes
  19. Seven Christmas Covers
  20. Book Stocking Stuffers
  21. Read With Me This Christmas
  22. Christmas Reading Nook
  23. Christmas Bookshelf Tour
  24. Top Books I Read in 2021
  25. Most Surprising Books I Read in 2021
  26. Twenty Five Books in Twenty Five Days
  27. Books to Gift to your Partner
  28. Dress Like Christmas Covers
  29. Best Books To Read on Christmas Eve
  30. Five Christmas Poetry Collections
  31. Books I Got For Christmas
  32. Best Books to give as Gifts
  33. Cosy Books For the Holidays
  34. Books to Gift to your Parents
  35. Christmas Bauble Grenade
  36. If Your Favourite Song is All I Want For Christmas, then read XXX
  37. Bookish Naughty and Nice Tag
  38. Most Anticipated Reads for 2022
  39. Books I Said I Would Read in 2021, But Didn’t
  40. Five Books To Level Up 2022
  41. Book to Gift to Teenagers
  42. Books I’m Unhauling
  43. Every Book I Gave 5-Stars in 2021
  44. Bookish Resolutions for 2022
  45. Best Books to Read in December
  46. Books I’m Hoping To Read Before 2022
  47. Last Book Haul of 2021
  48. My Unread Books To Get to in 2022
  49. Christmas Books Aesthetics Video
  50. Book Shop With Me in {CITY}

I hope this list of 100 Blogmas and BookTok ideas is helpful. If you’re taking part in Blogmas 2021, share your links in the comments below. I’ll be posting a daily Blogmas post from now until New Year.

Love Ellie x

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100 Blogmas and BookTok Ideas

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